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Guinea Bastard's New Clothes

So the Murdering Love-Gov is also a Sexual Deviant

Um, we kind of told you so. That is to say, BankruptcyMisconduct.com provided clear and consistent warnings to its readers about the disgusting trafficking in favors that Andrew Cuomo willfully, often blatantly, engaged in.  Frankly, we are shocked that only Sexual Harrassment seems able to bring down this agent of Organized Crime when his clear history of wrongdoing, quid pro quo and maleficence should have done so decades ago.

Just a few of the victims of Andrew Cuomo - in the very narrow category of sexual harrassment:

  • Lindsey Boylan
  • Charlotte Bennett
  • Anna Ruch
  • Karen Hinton
  • Ana Liss
  • Cuomo protected scores of brethren sexual deviants first as the New York Attorney General and later via his illicit control & influence as Governor of New York. This includes well known rapists like Harvey Weinstein, the pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, the money laundering affiliate of Prostitution Rings and former AG & Gov Eliot Spitzer, and wifebeating Federal Judge James Peck who landed at the corrupt & crooked firm of Morrison Foerster ( they proudly called themselves MoFo without any fear of our Fake News doing their job ).  Perhaps the largest category of dead women in the wake of Cuomo's organized crime syndicate are the Gilgo Beach murder victims. Captain Obvious sent us an email back in 2020 that these girls were murdered by Prostitution Ring leaders who needed to set examples of women who would dare work outside of the monopolies, having dwindling power now with the interweb.

    The Unbearable Prescience of BankruptcyMisconduct

    Seriously, this ain't the first time that we've predicted some serious fallout for a variety of perverted, criminal, crooked or sleazy conduct. And this site has stuck it's proverbial nose out incredibly far, some wrote alluding to necks and chopping blocks.  And yet, truth prevails, and much content dubbed 'scandalous falsehood' ultimately reveals itself as cold hard truth. Would it be too boastful to list a few?

    Murder He Wrote

    Andrew Cuomo penned a pair of Nursing Home regulations which had on it's surface a primary intended effect.  Anyone who has dealt with our mickey mouse Health Industrial Complex knows that a game is always played with seniors and stays at a hospital that approach or exceed 30 days. The Federal Government will only pay up to 30 days, anything over must be paid for by the states. So every citizen (and non citizen) who is sick and not fully recovered is shipped around to various facilities, like a pea in a shell game.  A sick game which has sick people driven around our roadways, in expensive ambulances we pay for, just so that the states make federal tax money pay for it.  After a day or two, they are sometimes shipped back to the hospital.  But then, we had Covid.  A normal person would assume that this sick game wouldn't be played during a time when our National Health Care Cluster-Bunk was struggling the Covid-19?

    Andrew Cuomo made two special orders and his dubious "Emergency Powers":

  • Cuomo reversed longstanding protections which allow every Nursing Home & Elder Residence facility in New York State to reject any patient they deem beyond their ability to host and REQUIRED THEM TO ADMIT COVID-19 POSITIVE seniors.
  • Cuomo prohibited all of these nursing homes from testing any patient entering their facility for the CoronaVirus a/k/a Covid-19
  • On the surface, this would save Andrew Cuomo beyond hundred of millions, but into $Billions of dollars of budget overruns, crippling his ability to not just to fund pet projects, but to have any semblance of success as a governor.  Of course, these "Death Orders" by Cuomo had a more obvious and unsurprising effect.  It exploded the spread of Covid-19 in NY State, particularly among the most vulnerable elderly. At the height of Cuomo's Death Frenzy - elderly people with flu like symptoms were forced into Ventilators - which instead of making someone better as with a normal respiratory virus - killed them.  Do you remember the uproar when Terrorists were water boarded for 30 minutes?  I'd rather be waterboarded for an hour than be on a Ventilator for 30 minutes.  Countless seniors of 70, 75, 80, 85 years old were forced onto a Ventilator and left there while Hopitals collected hundreds of thousands of dollars per patient and the vast majority of them died.