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Dreier Crime Family


  • Paul Traub and Marc S. Dreier are named together as New York Superlawyers in September 2008.

    "Attorneys selected for inclusion in Super Lawyers account for approximately five percent of the New York Bar. Honorees are selected based on a combination of peer voting, a blue ribbon panel review process, and independent research on candidates. All voting attorneys were asked to select only the lawyers they have personally observed in action."

    ( These peer selection results based upon personal observation are published about two months prior to Dreier's arrest in Canada related to Dreier's scheme to impersonate and defraud some hedge funds and teachers' pension funds. Darn those g-d damned Canadians - they are screwing up the BigLaw equilibrium of "Justice" in the U.S. )

  • BigLaw firm Dreier LLP., founded by Marc S. Dreier, is caught engaged in extensive organized crime.
    ( Yawn )

  • BigLaw firm Dreier LLP. announces "that it has acquired Traub, Bonacquist & Fox a/k/a TBF, a New York bankruptcy firm led by Paul Traub."
    ( What about MNAT ? )

  • BigLaw firm Dreier LLP. steals $38 Million from a client's escrow account in a bankruptcy case.
    ( ... watching the DOJ yawn at bankruptcy fraud by Biglaw)

  • New York judge David A. Gross is disbarred after his conviction on money laundering charges in relation to a "Genovese" family gambling related organized crime investigation .
    ( Those crazy Italians... )

  • Eliot Spitzer gains fames as the first of the Spitzer Family to get caught in a scandal involving the corruption of public officials by organized crime using prostitution ring "inventory" ... a/k/a young women prostitutes.
    ( Yawn. The "Sheriff of Wall Street" missed all of Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Bear Stearns, Lehman Brothers, and the enormous Mortgage Origination and Securities fraud businesses yet he was sooooo busy prosecuting all of those who were unaffiliated with the massive organized crime families which knew of his weaknesses.)

    How many weeks or months will pass before we see either A) massive RICO indictments of the big dirty Wall Street players that Eliot Spitzer rats out as he protects his own a$$ from 20+ years for his own string of money laundering and Mann Act violations, or B) we see a string of indictments in the purge of corrupt DOJ officials who protected their fellow DOJ corrupt operator, & alumnus, Eliot Spitzer?

  • New York bankruptcy lawyer Louis J. Posner a/k/a Big Daddy gets busted for money laundering and running a prostitution ring in conjunction with the "lap dance" strip club that this attorney assures us was "legitimate".

  • Barack Obama assures the American people that he will bring change, end corruption, and run an honest and open administration.
    ( Sigh )
  • ______________________

    Here is the Previously sealed Kovachev indictment explicitly detailing acts in conjunction with Marc Dreier of Dreier, LLP.

    The wire fraud acts are predicate acts of the RICO statute, and President Obama could direct his DOJ people to recover vast amounts of moneys under the RICO statute from all parties who had any role in the ongoing criminal enterprise known as Dreier, LLP as well as affiliates. Moneys forfeited under the organized crime laws would go a long way towards limiting any future financial scandals on the part of law firms and accounting firms.

    Interestingly, we see that the SEC dropped the ball when they merely slapped the wrist of Kovachev instead of insuring that the DOJ prosecuted him for prior crimes.

    How many pieces of our current financial crisis would have been averted if the SEC had simply done their jobs, instead of planned their own careers, and the careers of their relations?