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Goodell vs. Cuomo


Let's Compare & Contrast These Two Leaders

  • Roger S. Goodell is the Commissioner of the National Football League, also known as the NFL.
  • Andrew Cuomo is the Governor of the State of New York.  Prior to becoming the first governer elected after the resignation of Eliot Spitzer, Cuomo was elected to New York Attorney General, the highest prosecutorial position in the State.  Interestingly, Cuomo also succeeded Eliot Spitzer's term as Attorney General.

  • Roger Goodell is not a lawyer, prosecutor, elected official, nor has he ever done anything to thwart the investigation or prosecution of the Ray Rice incident.
  • Andrew Cuomo was the Attorney General, the elected prosecutor holding the senior position in charge of prosecutions in the State of New York at the time when Judge James Peck admitted to NYC Police Officers that he had beaten his wife, as she was taken to the hospital for treatment.

  • Roger Goodell is being blamed in the media for his handling a the Ray Rice domestic incident.
  • Andrew Cuomo has escaped any mention in the media for his handling of the Judge James Peck domestic incident.

  • Roger Goodell is not involved in law enforcement's handling of the Ray Rice incident.
  • Andrew  Cuomo was responsible for the prosecution of Judge Peck being dropped.

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