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Crisis Pimping

Riddle Me This:

What could explain the reality we see in the USA as of October 2020, that the median age of official Covid19 deaths is 78?  Who can provide a mathematical model, without getting angry, that encompasses the coincidence that life expectancy in the USA also happens to be 78?


Sometimes coincidence is soooo natural, that only X-Files theorists who are actually extra-terrestrials themselves could question the coinkydoink. Like when we see that for all intents and purposes - every official Covid19 death in the USA was a person who was already dying, or otherwise expected to die of other causes. [Ed note: this doesn't include the large number of elderly who were put to death on Ventilators. It's worse than being water-boarded, where 100% of terrorists survived their 48 minute ordeal. In contrast, a Ventilator was a death sentence to our elderly who were put on them for hours, then days, until they died. Wrong treatment for a Hemoglobin/Oxygen problem] To be sure, this doesn't mean that there isn't a Corona Virus or that it isn't novel. (There are always Corona Virus among us, as well as many other types).  How does a rational person question the sincerity, if not correctness, of a "medical professional" who scores a particular Cause Of Death as Covid19 when a test reportedly shows the virus present? [full disclosure: 1) The Dept of Health & Human services does not require a test to score a death as Covid19, nor does a test need to be positive to score it as Covid19. 2) The $2 Trillion emergency legislation to help manage the Coronavirus reportedly pays medical institutions more money for a hospital admission which is scored as Covid19 related, as well as an official Cause Of Death when it is scored Covid19 related. But financial incentive has nothing to do with facts, Science, Public Policy or how News is reported, so as Rosanne Rosanadana would say 'Nevermind']

WhitePrivilege of Shirts and Gowns in Official Cause Of Death Reporting

Should we declare a cause of death based upon the color of the shirt, or hospital gown, that the victim was wearing at time of death?  We could have very accurate statistics which show cause of death grouped by color of shirt / gown: White, Brown, Grey, Green, Blue or Shirtless. But would these statistics give any meaningful information about cause of death? How relevant is the finding of a virulent pathogen on a victim who spent more than a few days, even weeks or months, in close proximity with other persons who had the pathogen - like in a hospital, or a nursing home where a governor ordered Covid19 positive elderly to be admitted. There are highly virulent (contagious) pathogens which are not particularly deadly at all: Like the common cold, and like the Novel Corona Virus we are calling Covid19.

It's the Economy, Stupid

Every Politician knows that the Economy is the biggest factor in Politics. Everyone in the USA knew that just before the Coronavirus, the Economy was doing great.  Some credited Trump, some credited Obama. But without a doubt, the average independent voter was going to credit Trump. China was, without a doubt, the biggest loser in the Trump administration. Perhaps another CoinkyDoink is that none of Donald's sons was the first American to recive $1.5 Billion dollars from China to start a hedge fund in the USA, despite having zero experience ever working for or starting a hedge fund.

Sure, many people do not like Donald Trump, once he ran for President as a Republican. Mabye it's just another coincidence that a powerful media irrefutably hates our President, and spend nearly four years humping the Russia Hoax. Maybe the coincidence of hate vs truth has nothing to do with the reporting on this so-called Coronavirus Crisis.  Why is it that we can have daily statistics of "new cases" and "Covid19 deaths" in 2020, but we're never told about deaths in 2019.  What's the total deaths from all causes in 2019, by month? What's the total deaths from all causes in 2020 by month?  We've already been told the Covid19 deaths.  Would an honest reporter please give us "the rest of the story".  We can then make our own charts, like Ross Perot would have.