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Brendan R. McGuire

Another Fed Gets Woven Into the eToys Crime & Cover-Up

 Oh Brendan, it's a sad day for Ireland when another of her children is crushed between the dreams of opportunity and the cold stone walls of corruption.  But then again, nobody said you had to go to law school and mug like a B-Lister.  Truth is, if Preet the Pretender Bharara had done his job, you wouldn't have been put in this difficult circumstance.  Seems you'll have to make a permanent choice between an eventual multimillion dollar law firm partnership, and the simple honor of doing your job whilst the truelly powerful 1% rich are held accountable for their crimes.

Brendan R. McGuire gets woven into eToys Crime and Cover-Up

Brendan R. McGuire - Chief of DOJ Public Corruption Unit

To Do, Or Not To Do ...