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Preet's Epic Punts

Preet Bharara displays his clever understanding of the American Game of Justice by his habitual strategy of punting on first down

BankruptcyMisconduct finds it a work in progress to keep track of the monumental failures of Preetinder Sing Bharara, the Neo-Mafia's golden boy neo-prosecutor. This page will focus on the blatant, inexcusable, and we believe treasonous, failures of Preet to act on the most obvious, most important, and most significant crimes which have had the most damaging impact on the U.S.A., and the concept of justice.

Why do your job - Why work hard - Why upset the apple cart?
When Quid Pro Quo is the new Pension Multiplier


The Epic Failures of Preet "The Preetender" Bharara
Preet's Punts
  • National Financial Crisis caused by Corrupt Financial & Mortgage Frauds - Our nation is in its worst financial crisis. Ever. The cause is the long running serious of financial scams by second rate neo-intellectual financiers and outright criminals. We know the cause, we know the crooks. Preet Bharara has a road map to the crimes and the players. Since the earlier dot.com crash, we have incredibly powerful and broad range laws to punish the wrong doers. None of them prosecuted. A few slap on the wrists to corporate entities, and thus innocent stock holders are picking up the tab while scores upon scores of guilty corporate chiefs, and their lawyers, are getting a bailout. If there is a hell, Preet's protection of these financial criminals will ensure his entry. To be sure, it is not just BankruptcyMisconduct to notice Preet's blatant disregard of the greatest criminals and crime in U.S. history.
  • Hedge Fund/Bank Lawyer Conflict Of Interest Scandals - Preet Bharara has focused solely on the little guy to nap a few meager insider trading cases whilst ignoring the vastly larger, and more harmful, trade in deceit by lawyers faking their loyalty towards their fiduciaries in mega reorganization cases. These lawyers deceitfully abuse their positions of trust to favor their conflicted associates. This very old form of organized crime was targeted by Congress in the 1970s as they sought to eliminate Bankruptcy Rings. If Bharara actually cared, he could easily prosecute these rings under the RICO laws and the forfeited funds from the criminals would easily pay for Obama Care.
  • Illicit Human Kidney Industry - a massive international organized crime ring was uncovered by U.S. prosecutors due to the brave and prolonged efforts of concerned private citizens like Nancy Scheper-Hughes. The confessed history of multi-decade long illegal operations involving numerous top New York hospitals, insurance companies, doctors, lawyers, and support staff was covered-up to protect the connected politicians, neo-prosecutors, and their filthy rich associates. How absurd that there have been Zero prosecutions beyond the initial arrests when each illicit transplant operation inextricably intertwines countless doctors, hospitals, insurance companies, and their lawyers in mail fraud, wire fraud, insurance fraud and other RICO predicate crimes. This is a disgusting cover up of the most henious abuse of justice by, and for, the rich and powerful. Preet Bharara could have been a justice fighter defending the abuse of countless Asian, Middle Eastern, and Central and South American victims coerced into selling their bodies, or at least parts, or otherwise "volunteered" by their abusers. Instead Preet relished becoming a part of the good old white boy club along with Eliot Spitzer, Andrew Cuomo, Cyrus Vance and more.
  • Jon Corzine's Theft of Client Money and Failed Speculation The story of M.F. Global is one of the most simple and basic examples of a financial firming violating the penultimate promise, that client monies are their own. Corzine knowingly stole client funds and gambled them on a speculative bet that certain risky European countries would receive another U.S. government bailout. There are two massive crimes here: 1) The obvious crime by Corzine of stealing the client money, and all of the related cover up. And a bigger, more serious crime of national significance. While we truly believe that Corzine is a dirty, unprincipled crook, we concede that he is not stupid. He would not have risked the de facto destruction of his career if he had not received some sort of insider information by a U.S. government official that these foreign countries would get the bailout. We shed no tears for Corzine that this leak proved false, but many M.F. Global customers suffered, and our Nation's international policy decisions were never meant to be a get rich quick scheme for corrupt connected crooks. 2) Some unnamed federal officials violated their federal oaths by leaking the info to Corzine which gave him the confidence to commit the crimes.
  • Judge James Peck - Admitted Wife Beater. Never prosecuted, never disbarred, never reported to or disciplined by New York Bar.
    • Related Cover Up by Cuomo, Cyrus Vance, and other NYC prosecutors
    • $5 to $10 Billion dollar bankruptcy fraud as evidenced by allegations sworn by Renowned U.S. Bankruptcy Lawfirm
  • Senator Menendez - numerous criminal acts by the pedophile senator. Even if one was to assume that all of the hookers were of legal age, not just in the Dominican Repuplic, but the higher age of consent in the U.S., and that Menendez did not violate any of the numerous statutes which forbid foreign travel for the purpose have having sex with a minor, there were many criminal acts by Menedez. He filed false sworn financial contribution forms, and forms where he was obligated to disclosed gifts received, which included free air travel. Menendez essentially confessed to the crimes when he filed a late admission, with a massively large expense of his own on a single vacation. It is unbelievable on its face. Bharara is protecting Menendez.
  • Dewey LeBoeuf - This failed law firm engaged in a years long series of financial reporting frauds. Certain of the executives may have also defrauded a number of their own lawyer partners. Perhaps the pinnacle of the series of wire, mail, and banking fraud by the many lawyers involved is the willful and knowing participation by Citibank to defraud new partners joining the firm, so that they would be tricked into agreeing to repay hidden debts to Citibank. It is called racketeering, it is organized crime. Why are connected powerful lawyers, and money center banks, protected from the consequences of their crimes?
  • eToys, Goldman Sachs, Mitt Romney et al. - many of the most high profile financial players involved in this massive fraud which was transmogrified into a simple sorry there is no money left bankruptcy case. Hey Preet, why not go after the crooks involved in the numerous frauds, false sworn declarations, and such?
  • And sadly, more to come ...

While this page is listing a number of Bharara's willful avoidance of his duties, we hope to add in the future a reciprocal page highlighting Bharara's mean spirited and absurd prosecutions of insignificant and irrelevant crimes. At this early stage, we haven't begun to dig into the issue but couldn't avoid reading about Dinesh D'Souza, Devyani Khobragade, and so-called "insider trading" prosecutions - which in contrast to most of the financial crimes Preet ignores - have zero impact on our nation's financially stability.

Preet Plans for his stately glass house on a hill with a lilly white picket fence ...