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Paul G. Hyman

The "Honorable" Paul G. Hyman is a brilliant and trusting federal bankruptcy judge.

Judge Hyman is trusting as he is willing to sign orders prepared by a bankruptcy lawyer who has the power to read his mind. That is to say, Judge Hyman need not make a finding of fact or a ruling, as is normally required by law, prior to signing an order which is predicated on such a fact or ruling. For example ... like when such order is prepared and filed by the same clairvoyant bankruptcy attorney without notice of the inclusion of content rendered via Paranormal Phenomena a/k/a corruption. And Hyman is brilliant in admitting on the record that he signed an order whose preparation necessarily relied upon having had his mind telepathically examined.

Now, some of the first year law student readers of this site might get a little bit distracted by little details like the Constitution and the "Due Process Card".

Listen naive students of law:
The real world is not as black and white as your college textbooks. You know, like in circumstances before Judge Hyman when annoying people try to interfere with the ordinary course business of certain organized crime syndicates by attempting to assert "Due Process" rights. First, you have to understand that in third world governments, like Florida, a more nuanced approach prevails. Secondly, the bankruptcy industry is much more powerful than the intellectual comprehension or honesty of nearly all of your pedestalled academics.

But don't take our word for it, go to our free Downloads section and read the complaint about this bozo and see if you still have faith in our justice system.

So we would like to send a shout out to Alice in Wonderland. She survives in a place where Royalty are not above the law, they are the law. In such a wonderland, black is black and white is white. Except when Royalty decides that black is white. Truth is a pawn to be manipulated when it suits Royalty. Sometimes a Spade is a Joker, and sometimes the King is a Jaac. And sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words...


Dear Strippers and Prostitutes in Florida ... and elsewhere including perhaps Cat Cay, Bahamas:

Have you seen this face? Has your organized crime boss told you that this guy deserves a special freebie, and that you should not expect a tip?

Seriously, we invite anyone who might like to come forward with information about this putz face getting services in a Whore House or Hot Lap Dance Club to do so. We don't know if there is any information which could explain what appears to be transparent corruption on the part of Judge Hyman. But we've all got to wonder what makes this guys brain"function" the way it does.

p.s. If any of you lovely Cat Cay Hookers have "seen" this guy, you might want to get a "flu" shot.