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Judge Royal Furgeson

William Royal Furgeson, Jr., born in 1941 during the middle of his mother's husband 2 year deployment during WWII, is thankfully a retired United States federal judge.  Furgeson will be best known for his shameful involvement in the Ondova Butchery, particularly his abuse of the Constitution to assert personal ownership of a natural citizen, re-establishing slavery as legitimate commerce within the State of Texas.  You can read some of Furgeson's outbursts depicting his delusion of being a King in our free Ondova downloads section Here.

Furgeson's wrath of misconduct spreads humiliation upon Texas Tech University, and in particular the University of Texas School of Law.

Sadly, the dishonor of Furgeson may indelibly smear a new college of law: University of North Texas at Dallas College of Law as well as every young law student who has the misfortune of matriculating at the ill-fated new institution which incredibly associated itself the imbecile.