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Paul Bergrin

Eliot Spitzer's brother former Federal DA had someone murdered it seems

Paul W. Bergrin was found guilty on all counts! Murder Witness Tampering Prostitution Read the press release.
What do Paul Wayne Bergrin, Esq. and Eliot Spitzer, Esq. both have in common?Paul Bergrin and Eliot Spitzer are both former State prosecutors and DOJ Federal Prosecutors who subsequently engaged in illegal business with organized crime
Without question, both were state prosecutors, both were federal prosecutors as U.S. Attorneys within our DOJ, and both had a long history of financial transactions with organized crime... including at a minimum prostitution rings.

An arguable difference is in murder charges. Paul W. Bergrin is facing a murder charge in connection with the killing of a witness against one of his former drug dealing clients. There have been no public charges of murder against Eliot Spitzer, though there was the purported suicide of the retired NY State Trooper who had been on official duty while Eliot Spitzer was using taxpayer dollars to travel across state lines and meet with prostitutes. And speaking of "suicides" - that's what happens to people who get suicided ... wasn't it the D. C. Madam, who claimed to have a customer list of prominent politicians getting services in D. C., who wanted to make a deal but was afraid she would be killed?

See the Mann Act to learn of the law that landed famous black American men in jail like Chuck Berry and Jack Johnson. They merely brought unmarried white women across State lines, Spitzer arranged for the transportation of prostitutes for Prostitution. Why are Barack Obama and Eric Holder beholden to the white organized crime lord Spitzer? Not to mention, Spitzer used New York State money and secret service protection while committing these crimes with his organized crime associates. But then again, so far there have been no charges against Eliot Spitzer, notwithstanding irrefutable evidence of solicitation, Mann Act, and money laundering violations in connection with his prostitution ring involvement.

Oh yes, let us try to underscore something. The supposed reason that we all learned of some portion of Spitzer's long running business dealings with organized crime was because of his illicit banking transactions as he tried to have his bank scrub his name from wired funds sent to sham corporations. Wake up little Susie - this is Money Laundering. Aside from the fact that Spitzer wasn't paying some woman he met in a bar, he was dealing long term with organized crime - Eliot Spitzer was engaged in long term money laundering. These laws were put in place because finding the underlying criminal acts by organized crime is difficult, so Congress passed laws to catch and severely punish them when we can see their more obvious laundering of money.

So why is that Latinos go to prison for organized crime money laundering? Why do blacks get incarcerated for Mann Act and drug money dealings? Why does every color of the rainbow go to prison when caught, except Spitzer? Why did Andrew Cuomo as NY Attorney General go so far out of his way so as to avoid prosecuting Eliot Spitzer for his crimes a governor and attorney general just previously?

Hey DOJ:
It's nice that you've taken an interest in what we have to say here. (your most recent overt acquisition on the 30th of January, 2015 25th of March, 2013)

Hey USCourts Cincinnati, Ohio:
It's nice that you've taken an interest in what we have to say here May 10, 2021

Just remember, the internet lasts forever. If you've personally seen this, make sure that you write enough CYA memos to protect yourself. Don't let yourself become another "Mike McQueary". Because a corrupt official up the food chain from you may likely put the Kabbash on your work. What I'm saying is, in some number of years as this obvious hypocrisy is unraveled, you're not going to want your future career, or even pension, saddled with the blame for protecting Spitzer. Believe me, the really corrupt look for just the sort of naive pawn as yourself to blame things on. I'm just saying, an ounce of prevention is all you need to make sure this ugly mess doesn't blow in your face, like it seems to have for Ashlee Dupre.

Eliot Spitzer connection to Paul Bergrin, Esq.

Intellegent people like to connect-the-dots. Sometimes DOJ officials are intellegent and willing to connect-the-dots among organized crime families, like the mafia and the Neo-Mafia. Besides the many similarities between Spitzer and Bergrin in terms of violations of oaths and DOJ & State Prosecutors office resumes, we have a direct connection to the same organized crime family operations. It's not just that they were both doing business with prostitution rings, but their criminal conduct overlapped into the same crime family ring.

Ashley Dupre had Spitzer as Client #9 and Itzler / Bergrin as Pimp

Direct financial connections tie Ashley Dupre and her pimp Jason Itzler to former DOJ lawyers Paul Bergrin and Eliot Spitzer a/k/a Client #9

NewMedia news providers outside the corrupt influence of the Spitzer Family have already drawn the links among Eliot Spitzer, Ashlee Dupre, her pimp Jason Itzler, and Paul W. Bergrin. How "shocking" that the organized crime of Paul Bergrin is only uncovered after Eliot Spitzer's downfall. How many other leafs of the organized crime tree connected to Eliot Spitzer were ratted out in order to buy Spitzer's continued freedom? Did you have "business" with Spitzer? If you wait for the ax to fall on your head it will be too late. Better to cut a deal for a book and/or your freedom now. An ounce of prevention is worth 10 or more years of cure.

Unfortunately for Mr. Bergrin, the big difference between him and Eliot is the half billion dollar (plus or minus) Spitzer Family fortune which has always been the defining (and defending) characterstic which molded and enabled the anomalous oxymoron of public service and corruption we sadly know as "Eliot Spitzer". In any event, Mr. Bergrin's loss is a gain for truth and justice...

Looks like Mr. Bergrin got caught engaged in racketeering, running a prostitution ring, witness tampering, money laundering, and murder. The only surprise here is that his central practice was not bankruptcy law. However, he did engage in running a Prostitution Ring just like his fellow lawyer Louis J. Posner who our readers know is the bankruptcy attorney whose Hot Lap Dance Club thrived right under the "Sheriff Of Wall Streets" massively corrupt nose.

Even a former U.S. Attorney can get indicted for his role in running a Prostitution Ring. A form of organized crime by the way, like the one that Eliot Spitzer did business with. And of course, for the first set of charges against him, Paul Bergrin, Esq. merely took a plea. We'll follow the prosecution of the murder charges. And let's not forget his lovely wife Barbara Bergrin, or his girlfriend Yolanda Jauregui a/k/a Yolanda Bracero. Both Barabara and Yolanda appear listed in the prosecutions papers, if we recall correctly, with Yolanda sharing an address with Paul Bergrin.

Paul W. Bergrin, Esquire is formerly of Pope, Bergrin & Verdesco and subsequently the Law Office of Paul W. Bergrin. We hope to establish a documents download section dedicated to the honor of Paul Bergrin, Barbara Bergrin, and Yolanda Jauregui.