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James M. Peck

Watch & Read how Andrew Cuomo - as the corrupt NY Attorney General / Governor wannabe following in the footsteps of Eliot Spitzer - protected wife beating Judge James M. Peck from prosecution and disbarment.

Andrew Cuomo engaged in honest services fraud as he again corruptly abused prosecutorial discretion in order to protect Judge James Peck. Billions of dollars in the Lehman case are being allocated under the now suspect jurisprudence of Peck. The "favor" by Cuomo of allowing criminal charges against Peck to be dropped violated Canon 2 of the federal judicial ethics rules and casts all of Pecks decisions into doubt.

Federal Bankruptcy Judge James M. Peck is proud to be known as "The BitchSlapper".

And BankruptcyMisconduct.com is proud to have a document download section devoted to Judge Peck. But seriously, most of these quotes are lifted from the press, with only a few obvious 'mind reading' enhancements to fill in the blanks. Check out the police report. Read it and the articles linked below to see what is obvious and beyond dispute. Then draw your own conclusions about how our Justice system puts criminals in charge of gigantic and recurring re-distributions of wealth. And to be clear, we are not talking about giving money to the poor. We are talking about already rich criminals stealing even more money in the mega case bankruptcies.

James Peck

A little bit of WifeBeating here and there stalls Not the AmLaw100 Recognition

You can beet an egg and you can beet your meat, but only Morrison Foerster hired a Judge who beats his wife

James Peck The BitchSlapper

Actually... It doesn't matter if you call me 'BitchSlapper' or just 'B.S.' for short. But in the courtroom you sure as hell better call me your Honorable BitchSlapper.

Mr. Peck learned how to resolve complex issues and issue orders after working in the bankruptcy industry for over 3 decades at a few Biglaw firms which specialize in that profitable filth also known as bankruptcy law at: Schulte Roth & Zabel LLP and Duane Morris LLP. But get this, even after this #WifeBeater reveals himself to the public, none other than Morrison & Foerster feels compelled to give him a job.

While an NFL football player can get FIRED for beating his wife, but a Federal Judge WifeBeater gets HIRED by #BigLaw

According to the New York Post "Peck allegedly told police that the blowup began over his wife's late arrival at the house from the Hamptons". Hmmm... Hamptons house, Park Avenue apartment... For anyone not familiar with the New York metropolitan area, please understand that there is no way that an honest federal judge who was not accepting bribes could afford either residence solely from the income of a Federal Judge's salary.

Bitch hit me first. "I was defending myself." Bitch gotta learn I'm connected, got my peeps and cousins in power all over the god dammed place. No f%#@ing way they'll pursue charges against me, not even by a bitch prosecutor.

The Prescience of Peck is positively proven by prosecutor Melissa Sussman who said "We cannot prove the case beyond a reasonable doubt." Yeah, it's really hard to prove domestic abuse after the wife calls police, gets treated at a hospital, and Judge Peckerhead admits to police officers who later arrived at the scene that he had slapped his wife. The apparently corrupt Manhattan Criminal Court Judge Michael Yavinsky took care of his cousin on the bench and dismissed the case. People, let's drop the charade. Judge Peck tacitly approved of some big corruption in the mega multi billion dollar Lehman pie slicing, and no amount of wife beating could possibly dethrone the Neo-Mafia's Midas Boy.

ACPOC Syndrome is rampant not only for the benefit of opposing counsel, but also for the illicit benefit of certain criminals with "day jobs" as government regulators and judges. There is serious money in the business of law, so we shouldn't be too surprised at the treasonous conduct by some of these public officials. Consider the career goals of a selfish Federal or State prosecutor: Why should a lawyer devote valuable career time as a low paid prosecutor if they have to waste the job by actually prosecuting a connected member of the legal industry Neo-Mafia? Such a "by the book" prosecutor does not merely miss out on the carrot to be "earned" by failing to let a Neo-Mafia client slide, she also risks the punitive stick of exclusion from the pinnacle of the legal industry's partnership fee pyramid for having dared to kill a golden goose, or a crime family relation. "Ape Shall Never Kill Ape"

People who dream of living in glass houses don't throw stones...

Remember "Justice" is just in the title of a government department which is infiltrated with revolving door crime family members. Not all of the DOJ lawyers are corrupt. But enough of them are corrupt for all sorts of corruption to prevail. Like when a "bitch slapper" escapes even a slap on the wrist. Hey feminists: Are you full of hypocrisy? Are the BigMedia writers who cover womens issues beholden to the powers that be? We can only wonder if main stream journalists are essentially silent on obvious corruption and hypocrisy in the Judiciary and prosecutors offices in exchange for money, or for get out of jail cards of their own.

It's tragic, but you can count on Judge Peck and his peeps to cover things up. Yeah, any time Pecker the BitchSlapper roughed up a hooker, he was protected. Of course, the time always comes to repay the Neo-Mafia a favor...

And in a simply shocking "coincidence", we find this great honorable man of wisdom, intellect, and temperament wrongly and unjustly juxtaposed against tangential allegations of an excessive discount to the buyers of assets in the largest bankruptcy case ever (surpassing even WorldCom in size, and perhaps fraud) in re: Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc., lead case number 08-13555, U.S. Bankruptcy Court, Southern District of New York in Manhattan.

It's a number of BigLaw bankruptcy lawyers who are arguing what smells like "teen fraud" about the windfall in the Barclay's Bonanza.. You really need to check out the Judge Peck download section. It seems some creditors figured out that the negotiators working for Lehman sold the assets at a discount so high that the non U.S. bank, Barclays PLC, got a windfall of up to $10 Billion dollars. Afterwards, a number of the "negotiators" got jobs at Barclays. Hmmm....

Judge James Peck ... said in June that it was "conceivable mistakes were made" in the deal.

Since a significant number of BigLaw lawyers, whose professionalism in the eyes of Federal Bankruptcy Judges of revolving door lawyers at the DOJ warranting far more than $500 per hour, have boldly painted a picture of blatant bankruptcy fraud on the part of the UK's Barclays and their counsel, how about at least a §3057 criminal referral to Preet Bharara? Either the filing in the Lehman bankruptcy case which accuses the Counsel for Barclays of conduct which is by definition fraud merits the mandated Title 18 U.S.C. § 3057 referral or the attorney authors of this sworn document crossed far over the line and deserve sanctions and a mandatory New York State ethics referral. There is no middle ground in this type of "He said / She said" dispute when the actors are lawyers, particularly when the hurdle established by the statute is merely suspicion. Hey BitchSlapper, and all of you other Corrupt Judges on the Federal Bankruptcy bench: "You can't have your cake of ignoring corruption, and eat it too!"

Shall Lehman be another case for the Federal Special Prosecutor? Did Peck file his mandatory §3057 referral?