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Charges: Round One
Two things first:
  1. To the many "non-believers" who derided BankruptcyMisconduct for our coverage of Dewey LeBoeuf, claiming that our Viability? analysis was absurd, such as our predictions of acrimonious internal dissent would lead to insider instigation for prosecution of management: quod erat demonstrandum

  2. We apologize for our prolonged absence on the topic of Dewey LeBoeuf, particularly as it evolved into the subject of prosecutions and the names of specific individuals and other firms. All that we can say is that while the subject of death threats is not new for contributors to BankruptcyMisconduct to suffer, we bravely (or is it stubornly, foolishly) choke down our tears as we resume.
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Opening Salvo - The First Round of Criminal Charges against the Dewey LeBoeuf Ring

Is the Deal Window Already Closed for those Not Already Talking?

Download your own copy of the indictment of three wise men, and a baby from Dewey LeBoeuf. We believe that this early stage of prosecutions in the ongoing Dewey LeBoeuf saga is really just a vehicle. Either the prosecutors somehow found a pair of cohones and are using the filing of some indictments as the stepping stone to striking a deal to bag the bigger game, or our sad predictions about the flaccid and corrupt state of our prosecutorial offices at the City, State, and Federal levels will prove accurate.

The reality is that the Dewey LeBoeuf case is about large scale Racketeering, it is a story about the knowing involvement of our largest financial institutions in bank fraud. If the U.S. won't punish a TARP recipient when caught in crime - enjoying the franchise-like privilege of easy profits as a primary dealer in gov secs - a money center bank - for active involvement in bank fraud - then our justice system is a farce and complete collapse of our financial system and nation is only a few clock ticks away.

So far, the indicted member of the recently departed Dewey LeBoeuf include Steven Davis, Stephen DiCarmine, Joel Sanders, and Zachary Warren. We have been incredibly patient, and we shall defer from guessing as to when the big game: CitiBank & JP Morgan, as well as additional mentmbers of the Dewey executive circle, are invited into what should be a very large RICO party, indeed.

Read about Citibank here, and download your own copy of dirt on Citibank and other related stuff at our free Dewey download section here. You can stay updated with our perp chart here, which we proudly remind readers was presciently created way back in July of 2012.

Prelude To A Briss

Q: What has Seven Mouths, at least 14 minds, and chips to crash Citibank and JP Morgan?