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Dewey LeBoeuf Questions
Dewey LeBoeuf Accelerating Defections

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BankruptcyMisconduct is impressed with the intensity of attention focused on Dewey LeBoeuf by our readers. In early February 2012, we stuck our opinionated neck out into cyberspace with our prescient questioning of the firm's financial circumstance. Since then, coverage of the firm by Above The Law ( Dewey Have a Plan of Action? & Yes — Firm Is Cutting 5 to 6 Percent of Personnel ) and the Daily Journal has reassured us in that bold editorial decision.

There is much to ruminate on the set of complex issues facing Dewey LeBoeuf. So where do we start? We find it odd that more attention has not been focused by other commentators on the possible criminal ramifications which may confront the firm resulting from their alleged conduct as was sworn in the General American Mutual lawsuit. But who are we to pontificate on the course of discussion?

The public mind at times can be a most aware and prophetic judge of things. And so we want to ask you for your opinion. Yes, in a way this is a poll question asking you what could be our next poll question. OK, we apologize, but please humor us and play along.

What would you like to tell us?
Which question is most interesting?
Which line of inquiry is most ripe for discussion?

What should be our next line of inquiry as to Dewey LeBoeuf?

Dewey LeBoeuf : What should be our next line of inquiry?

BankruptcyMisconduct will need to present the most appropriate range of answers from which you could vote. We are looking into some web technology which would enable you to type in your own answers, but that could take us a while to implement. And perhaps our new discussion forum will be the best vehicle for discussion in such detail.

We would want to ensure that our questions and their answer choices provide respondents with the full ability to express their opinions. For example, the "How many months will Dewey LeBoeuf continue to survive?" question should include "forever" as a possible selection.

Let's also consider how we would present the "How many senior partners and rainmakers at Dewey LeBoeuf will have left during 2012?" question. We already know of some defections, but shouldn't we include "None" as a choice, so as to consistently provide respondents the opportunity to select logically unrestricted answers?

We believe that a Dewey LeBoeuf poll series could be a lot of fun. The conversation will itself be a conversation starter. Our acknowledged purpose to inspire independent research, analysis, and thought among our readers can be furthered with polls like those suggested above. Please help us choose the best one for us to start with for Dewey LeBoeuf.