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Smelly Kelly's Employment Merry-Go-Round

Seriously, why would anyone want to hire Ms. Kelly B. Stapleton for anything?

Why would any "person", particularly one undergoing any sort of financial issues, wish to draw unneeded attention to their plight by weaving their future into the unsightly web of Ms. Smelly's Putrid neo-professionalism.

While one could argue that being a client of a firm that employed her was somehow removed - assuming she was not insinuating herself behind the scenes - such reasoning ignores the reach of conflict of interest involving lawyers, or the far reaching scope of the RICO laws, as well as, perception by the general public once light is shined upon the trainwrecks...

Houlihan Lokey: What, you goin' Loki?

Word to Alvarez & Marsal : Really?

Smelly Kelly B. Stapleton wined and dined by organized crime

The employment roller coaster of Kelly Stapleton, Esq. is quite the metaphor of market volatility. Then again, maybe a roller coaster doesn't form the most appropriate analogy. Perhaps a Merry-Go-Round better describes the revolving door between corrupt government regulation and unabashed Neo-Capitalism.

  • Oh my "goodness", for lack of a better word. Less than a year in January of 2011, and already Ms. Stapleton has a job at yet another vulture professional firm. Favors are the ultimate fiat currency in the Prosecutorial Discretion game. Then again, lawyers within the Office of the U. S. Trustee hold no discretion, they are mandated by 18 U.S.C. § 3057 to refer all suspected crimes. We look forward to the day when a Federal Special Prosecutor sits a few former Fed lawyers & judges in some chairs and records their precarious dancing about what the meaning of the word "fraud" is. As in "fraud" upon the court. Martha Stewart went to prison for a $40K advantage, and Lil' Kim was incarcerated for not remembering. Seems some girls are held to different standards than others. Anyway, BankruptcyMisconduct admits the error in predicting that AlixPartners was the next in line along the dark & dirty alley. Shout out to Alvarez & Marsal cause you know, it's Hard Out Here For A Pimp.
Seriously, if you were management at a distressed firm, would you want to hire some pro's who place just the sort of lawyer into your shop which might raise the likelihood of an involuntary colonoscopy down the road by a Federal Special Prosecutor, or some other cathartic mess?
  • As of lucky April 29, 2010 Ms. Kelly Anne Beaudin Stapleton was appointed Managing Director for the New York office of MorrisAnderson, which describes themselves as a "leading financial and operational advisory firm" for the "middle market".
  • Just a year and a half ago Kelly started working for Traxi, LLC as a Senior Managing Director in their bankruptcy advisory group. What a difference a year and half makes. Way to transform your dubious ethics as an ostrich masquerading as a government lawyer in the Office of the U. S. Trustee into cash. Kelly B. Stapleton is really trying to "use it up before it gets [really] old ".

Shall we count the days before she works for AlixPartners


Kelly, you might want to read up on Suzzanne Uhland and the analogous choices she confronts as the corruption cloud associated with her conduct mushrooms. Maybe it's not to early to devise plans B, C, and D. An ounce of prevention ... Water that has passed ... Window of opportunity ... Yadda Yadda Yadda