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Mitt Romney

***New Update*** Documents recently released include sworn allegations of multiple crimes committed to benefit Mitt Romney and Bain Capital. These documents are now available for free in a new document downloads section at BankruptcyMisconduct. We specifically suggest you review the Emergency Motion which includes the following:

Bain Capital™s Toys R Us entity is in the possession of the stolen property of eToys. Prior to this time, MNAT (as eToys debtor™s counsel) and Paul Traub (as eToys Creditors™ counsel), confessed lying thirty (30) times to this court deliberately to conceal their conflicts of interest to multiple parties. The Code & Rule of Law under Section 327(a) unambiguously dictates their disqualification.

However, due to corruption, the court was unwittingly duped to pardon them. They took the pearl of leniency and trampled over this court with further lies. Hiding the fact that they all (secretly) work for Mitt Romney™s Bain Capital in their sinful quest to destroy the eToys public company. A neon elephant in the room that no one, thus far, has been able to see, is Bain Capital CEO™s wicked desire to be śretroactivelyť resigned from the eToys crimes in 2001.

The Genesis of RomneyWater

The real story of Mitt Romney's association with a hedge fund which routinely profited while the companies they controlled failed is not about whether we believe in Capitalism or Wall Street. We don't begrudge any investor, even a turn-around "vulture" investor, profits when they are earned honestly. Sadly, Romney's history in the bankruptcy courts is dishonorable. As the Dirt on Mitt Romney inevitably hits the fan, the series of outrageous acts and bankruptcy misconduct will bloom into its own Whitewater Scandal for Mitt, and we'll call it "RomneyWater" .

The sad truth is that Mitt Romney and Bain Capital's dirty hedge fund profiteering was built upon their association with bankruptcy professionals who regularly engaged in bankruptcy misconduct. The bellwether misconduct we can confidently expect to find when disloyal lawyers cheat an estate is a violation of conflict of interest laws - accompanied by false declarations to a bankruptcy court: a Fraud Upon The Court. Romney's hedge fund was associated with lawyers who routinely engaged in Fraud Upon The Court. So while Mitt Romney claims that he 'understands how to run a business' from his time at Bain Capital, we all should understand that Romney really only learned how to game a corrupt bankruptcy system : a system where self serving government lawyers within the DOJ violate their oaths to protect us as they pursue their next job - through the revolving door - for an average $2.2 million dollar yearly income as a partner in large law firm.

Government DOJ Lawyers seeking to work for the very same firms which they purport to be investigating and prosecuting!

There are many bankruptcy cases whose public record can tell the tale of Mitt's Moral Myopia.

We'd like to draw your attention to these cases:

  • Stage Stores
  • Bonus Stores, Inc.
  • KB Toys, Inc.
  • eToys
  • F. A. O. Schwarz

and these bankruptcy "professionals", persons of interest, and DOJ enablers:

Romney's presidential ambitions notwithstanding, the dirty history of the Romney / Bain Juggernaught's unbridled rampage across a number of bankruptcy cases will most certainly eventually come to light. We can not predict when the Romney dirt is exposed broadly to the American people.

  1. Will Romney's opponents in the Republican primary seize upon one of the outrageous stories, including that one of the lawyers who often funneled monies to Romney partnered with Marc Dreier, the lawyer who impersonated that he was a real estate businessman as he attempted to defraud a pension fund of hundreds of millions of dollars?
  2. Will Romney win the nomination but indirectly help the re-election of Barack Obama - as Mitt's dirty past at Bain is revealed during the election of 2012?
  3. Will Mitt Romney become elected president only to have his agenda halted by partisan investigations of his legacy with Bain Capital?

... It's too early to tell.

Attention investigative reporters: there is a journalistic gold mine waiting for you just below the surface of RomneyWater.

BankruptcyMisconduct can only predict that we will see lots of dirt exposed on Mitt Romney and his hedge fund Bain Capital, related to their regular association with, and profiting from the actions of, certain lawyers and bankruptcy pros who engaged in clear bankruptcy misconduct.