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Romney's illicit Profit

Peeling the onion

Romney's profits built on fraud

Romney-Water's flood

The report "Evidence Romney is benefiting from Federal Fraud" reprinted below connects the dots between Mitt Romney and an apparent business model of Fraud Upon The Court:

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Romney's dirty lawyer Paul Traub
Romney's dirty lawyer Paul Traub's partner convicted



Subject: Evidence Romney is benefiting from Federal Fraud.

First – as Full Disclosure – your reporting these crimes – helps Laser Haas

However, that is no substantial reason to decline to report the facts.

I, Steven Haas, a/k/a Laser Haas (LASER) – do testify to you this day Under PENALTY OF PERJURY
that the information on this, the 20th day – of December 2011 – is True and Correct
and will go to Any Notary – Law Firm and sign such affidavit(s)

Bain owns Toys R Us

Toys R Us – ILLEGALLY – owns the stolen property of eToys

Toys R Us also owns FAO Schwartz, Kay Bee Toys, Baby Universe and The Parent Company

all be Federal Fraud

All those cases have 1 thing in common – Paul Traub as the “purported” attorney for Creditors
but he betrayed that fiduciary duty always, by selling the assets to Bain various interests for pennies on the dollar
With Traub — never EVER – disclosing his connections to Romney/ Bain

However – there is a link in the public docket records
In Stage Stores Bankruptcy case (800,000 controlling shares by Romney)
Paul Traub did a lapse linguae and confessed that he works for Jack Bush
Barry Gold (Traub’s secret partner) also admitted Jack Bush issues in eToys

Jack Bush is CEO of IdeaForest – and that is owned by Bain.
Mitt Romney continues to get millions from Bain and
he did manage/ own Bain – in 2001 – when the crimes began.

the “Deal-aware” law firm of http://www.MNAT.com is Mitt Romney’s counsel in Delaware
MNAT merged The Learning Company with Mattel Toys – who lost over $1 billion in the deal.

Romney, Bain, Sankaty and other Romney associates owned The Learning Company.

Romney also owned Stage Stores (that was in bankruptcy)
Barry Gold worked for the directors/ stockholders of Stage Stores (S Texas Bankr 00-35078)

Paul Traub has worked with Mitt Romney issues since NeoStar

Traub Bonacquist & Fox was hired by Barry Gold in Stage Stores
(it was illegally kept secret – that Gold and Traub are partners)
Barry Gold/ Traub’s partner – also worked for other directors like Jack Bush and Michael Glazer
Michael Glazer was also CEO of Bain’s entity – Kay Bee Toys – at that same time.

The Paul Traub and MNAT – while lying to the Chief federal justice about their connections
did place (illegally) – Barry Gold in eToys as President/ CEO
and then sold eToys to Bain / Kay Bee for less than pennies on the dollar
(that is right – they actually Paid themselves to get eToys for FREE) (a whole other War n Peace Book)

But here is 1 solid concrete crime

I was the liquidation consultant approved by the court
and sold eToys.com to Bain/ Kay Bee for $10 million
they – while lying (hiding their connections to Bain)
reduced the price of from $10 million to $3 million

Now – it is a fact of law – that I do Not need the evidence that the price was reduced
if you ask a bankruptcy attorney *(you can trust) – to tell you the statute
simply by hiding the Conflict of Interest and lying about it – then selling the asset to themselves
is believed to be a crime – even if they shout they got $1 billion for it.

(see Eat What You Kill – the Fall of a Wall Street Lawyer – by Milton C Regan)

Bain does not manage businesses well – but they are pro’s at one thing
Filing bankruptcy – stiffing the creditors and re-issuing the shares to themselves for Free

There is even a Kay Bee Toys Fraud

Michael Glazer paid himself and Bain $100 million
right before Kay Bee file bankruptcy.

MNAT – Openly – represents Bain in the $100 million preferential
and Paul Traub actually asked the court to be the one to prosecute the crimes
how can they get away with this


The DEAL-aware United States Attorney who refused to investigate and prosecute the case
was Colm Connolly.

What still remains hidden (though a honorable federal agent did assist us)
is the fact that Colm Connolly betrayed his public oath and country too.

For he was in Fact – a Partner with the MNAT law firm in 2001
the very year MNAT, Bain and Goldman Sachs perpetrated the frauds

See Colm Connolly’s Resume


You can do your country a great service – stopping Large organized criminals in their tracks
All you have to do is ask
What did Bain’s law firm in DE (MNAT) get a cake walk for 15 confessions to false affidavits
in the times when Martha Stewart and Barry Bonds are going to trial for evasive answers?

Why is it – that the Delaware US Attorney Colm Connolly was able to get away with
not investigating and prosecuting obvious bad faith acts?

Here’s why

We reported all this to the Dept of Justice Public Corruption Task Force
They Shut it Down!

See “Shake-up roils federal prosecutors” = the L.A. Times story on how US Attorney O’Brien
actually (purportedly) Threatened career Asst US Attorneys to keep their mouths shut or Else!


Once you report this – I will show you how a brother of a MN Asst US Attorney was involved in fraud
and then (purportedly) committed suicide….

Laser Haas


Willard Romney - all the worlds a scam - conflict map



Romney's readable chart of some of the conflicts his lawyers held while helping Romney and Bain get rich