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Mitt's Tangled Web

Oh what a tangled web we weave,
When first we practise to deceive!

At least Jon Stewart has poked his head out of the mindless media crowd to see for himself what the emperor is wearing. In this clip from The Daily Show he takes us through the absurdity of self serving greed as Dade International is looted by the Romney and Bain money grubbing team.

Mitt Romney Hypocrisy Attacked by Jon Stewart on the Daily Show

Jon Stewart sums up the hypocrisy of Mitt Romney's purportedly honest and wholesome business success:

Mitt Romney's pitch to Americans appears to be: 'Elect me as your President. I have 25 years of business experience doing something I believe this country should never, ever do.'

We're sorry that it's so hard to read the names. The problem for us, and Willard "Shakespeare" Romney, is that there are just so many companies who are entwined in the greedy money grab that defines the illicit Romney Empire. We tried our best to make a few of them fit. But we were forced to make a blow up version too.

A partial chart depicting some of the entities and persons burdened by associations and conflict of interest involved in Mitt Romney / Bain's extraordinary profit run.

But Mitt
- you have a JD. You took the bar exam.

  • Don't you know that it is wrong?
  • Are you trying to hide behind the crimes of the lawyers you hired?
  • Don't you know that accessory and misprision are part of your Karma on the horizon?

Let's remind ourselves how Mitt believes that right and wrong, and all the things you want to do, are decided by whether you can find a lawyer who is "OK" with it. Remember how Mitt was asked if he'd use military force to stop Iran?

Q: If you were president, would you need to go to Congress to get authorization to take military action against Iran’s nuclear facilities?
A: You sit down with your attorneys and tell you what you have to do

Well if Mitt Romney has such respect for lawyers and the rule of law, why does he spin such a complex web which places these lawyers he respects so much into illegal positions of conflict of interest. Sure, Mitt and Bain benefited over and over financially from conflicted lawyers. Earth to Mitt: It's the conflicted lawyers, Stupid! Perhaps the conflicts of interest seemed look good business to Romney, because apparantly the money flowed very smoothly when lawyers who secretly had been on his payroll just were so efficient about distributing estate funds to his Bain related entities. Plus, he was able to buy assets at dirt cheap prices from conflicted lawyers.

Well, the Dirt on Mitt Romney is just beginning to hit the fan now. Maybe the rest of the Republicans are too stupid to figure out the obvious. Obama's lieutenants won't be.