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Romney Stoned

Mitt Romney gets Rolling Stoned

Rolling Stone magazine is first of the commercial media reporting on some of the really dirty bankruptcy deeds of Mitt Romney and Bain Capital in their article written by Matt Taibbi entitled Greed and Debt: The True Story of Mitt Romney and Bain Capital.  It's truly refreshing to see a deeper look at Romney with some actual "reporting" instead of shallow and predictable partisan dribble.   At first, all we had was partisanship and people either were already against Romney, or in favor of him, and facts had no role.  Perhaps we are coming to an age of enlightenment, or maybe Mitt's political detractors have just stumbled upon their gold mine.  There are plenty of hard core conservatives who would be calling for the prosecution of the Bain / Romney corruption machine if only the truth was completely told.

Long before Romney took his first lead in the Republican presidential primary, BankruptcyMisconduct readers have known of the illicit ties which Romney's conflicted bankruptcy counsel hid while assisting Romney / Bain on their rampage through our corrupted bankruptcy courts turned "hedge fund welfare system".

In effect, our bankruptcy courts have been sinisterly "de-regulated" by lawyers within our DOJ so as to ingratiate themselves with the same million dollar partnership hosting law firms and hedge funds which they desire to work at after their "government service" revolving door tenures end.

To be sure, we don't want to ignore the degenerate government lawyers whose spouses are already working with the crooked.  Yes, the quid pro quo is sometimes paid indirectly to a relation of a corrupted government official.   But the underlying point is simple indeed.

Selfish DOJ Lawyers Intentionally Fail To Prosecute Financial Crooks

Our DOJ has been corrupted by selfish lawyers who intentionally fail to do their job of prosecuting financial crooks.  These crooks do things like buy the assets of a liquidating company at illegally depressed prices, thereby depriving legitimate creditors at a  chance at a fair recovery while making connected criminals filthy rich.  Prosecutorial Discretion is abused by government lawyers who cover up conflict of interest crimes including falsely sworn affidavits in corrupted bankruptcy cases.  When a lawyer lies about his connections to a dirty hedge fund, he can easily divert assets to this secret client.  
If there is no illicit connection to lie about, there is no incentive for the lawyer to cheat on behalf of the secret connection.  Thus was the genius of Congress.

Read about how Paul Traub, a lawyer who has been a paid spokesperson for Fox News, was connected to a number of parties including those associated with Bain Capital & Mitt Romney.  There are a number of smoking guns about Paul Traub, and blatant efforts by dirty DOJ lawyers to cover up his crimes.

We posted long ago that it was only a matter of time before the Democrats would use this dirt against Romney.  Some of them have finally persuaded the commercial media to start covering this disgusting story.  We can only speculate if shared guilt in mega case bankruptcy fraud serves to stifle the story, or if Mitt Romney will suffer from a coming barrage of reports about this misconduct during this 2012 election cycle.

But as we've already predicted, we believe that even if Romney gets elected president, his term will be eviscerated with the criminal and cover-up fallout surrounding his bankruptcy misconduct.

Whitewater Saga Hints At RomneyWater

The long diversion of Whitewater was quite a drag on the Clinton presidency. Well get ready for Romneywater if Mitt gets elected.