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Kasowitz Benson

Kasowitz is the "Jersey Shore" of New York Lawyer drama snorting train wrecks.

We read a copy of the Kasowitz et al. answer to the Berry complaint Index No. 652274/2011 penned by none other than Joey Piesco:

Kasowitz Benson puts Joey Piesco on deck to deal with the little problem of the violation of Omertà Non vedo, non sento, non parlo

If only Kasowitz had taken the "bold" stance of denying the alleged policy and procedures intended to inflate client billings, or even just the communications with respect thereto. But no... Joseph A. Piesco, Jr. kept blinders on as he dealt with the Berry complaint as if it was just another client matter, as if Kasowitz could comfortably rely upon its PR machine and neo-independent neo-legal-industry blogosphere Zeitgeist to direct attention away from the Fee Padding Charge.

While everyone would have thunk that our piece on the Kasowitz Fee Padding Ignominy would have been enough, Kasowitz Benson Torres & Friedman LLP now is getting attention from BankruptcyMisconduct for a number of reasons...

Kim Conroy gets a whistleblower to Kasowitz Benson legal fee padding as Lauren Moak of Young Conaway spins into an Ad Hominem

As with most peeling onions, the more we learn about this organization - the more there is to report and comment upon. Hey, we don't tell greedy reality stars how to act. They apparently are just acting naturally.

Unlike the rest of the blogosphere, we see more questions arise as others are left unanswered. At least with the assigned case number we'll be able to track down the particular judge's name who will be embracing his own Hobson's choice regarding compulsory referral in the face of Fee Padding acts detailed in a motion sworn above the signature of a licensed New York State attorney.

This just in: it is Judge Eileen Bransten who will be forced to decide if she'll acknowledge and address attorney misconduct by a BigLaw firm.

Read our Kasowitz Fee Padding page here - if you haven't already. Every firm has a different culture and Kasowitz is the "Jersey Shore" of New York Lawyer drama snorting train wrecks.

Just our luck that these guys are truely bankruptcy lawyers at heart, even when they practice some of their other specialties.

We may add another page talking about the near universal silence in the blogosphere about the Fee Padding issue.

And it turns out there is a fair amount of additional material that we'll be able to add about the Kasowitz firm, such as their suit against their own client Duane Reade.

Duane Reade EDI


And ... apparently our Fee Padding page's strong finish focusing on the futility of partnership dreams for most associates was not without publicized grumblings by Marc Kasowitz's junior minions.

It's almost like Kasowitz Benson is trying to upstage Dewey LeBoeuf here on the pages of BankruptcyMisconduct.

Stay tuned.