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Document Fabrication: "Outside The Box" tool of Lawyers recruited by Jones Day

James Carville explains to #JonesDay that their problem is #DocFabrication and then calls them stupid

If you want to climb in the PPEP Rankings, you must embrace certain people with a background in Fake Evidence or Document Fabrication. And don't try to tell me about Fake Ethics because if you disagree, you're just a #Racist
- Stephen J. Brogan of Jones Day

The money is pretty good until you get caught - at least with Fake Justice we dont get punished for our crimes

the artifice of Attorney Self-Regulation results in Fake Evidence and FakeEthics in the case of Jones Day

We've been getting heavier traffic on SONICblue and all things Bruce Bennett than when we first covered the impulsiveness. Why not tell us on Twitter if you're a "potential" client, employer, or an investigator? Perhaps you're an "actual" conflict, former associate, or public servant getting dragged through the muck. They say that M.I. can predict an invasion just by the increased frequency of communications in the lead up - not sure the analogy applies but there seems to be something in the warming Spring air... We'll only know when you speak out. But no matter who you are: Thank You for your support of this site.