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Spitzer Family Values
Prosecutorial Discretion as Foundation of the Spitzer Crime Family Business Model

There is no power more easily and profitably abused by corrupt officials than the selective enforcement of our laws.

Corrupt public officials can easily decline to investigate or prosecute those persons who are affiliated with their partners in organized crime rings. Such a willful failure honor one's oath is a form of honest services fraud and a crime. Perhaps even more insidious, corrupt public officials can harness the full force and power of government, under the Color Of Law, to harm certain competitors of their organized crime endeavors, including honest hardworking business owners.

This abusive use of government power is also used against whistle-blowers. Anyone who dares to expose the corruption of these government officials is easily harmed by further corrupt acts by those with governmental powers. They say "The best defense is a good offense". This does not solely apply to football and national security, it also applies to organized crime and corrupt public officials.

Corruption by public officials taints the marketplace

Imagine the competitive "battlefield" of the business world where competing interests battle for profits, market share, investment opportunities, etc. Now imagine a corrupt neo-police force which protects one secretly affiliated element in the field of competition while they cause harm to their affiliates' opponents.

This is how the Neo-Mafia operates - profiting in both legal and illicit business ventures under the shadow of corrupt Quid Pro Quo government protection via neo-mafia infiltration of police/prosecutorial/judicial elements who pretend their Equal Protection masquerade.

Do you see how quickly one loosely affiliated group of aggressive business suit wearing money chasers and their lawyers can gain advantage in nearly every business endeavor when their crimes are protected by corrupt affiliates in government?

Take the example of real estate developers

Why is it that zoning laws keep the value of real estate down when honest people own the property. However, once a person connected (with organized crime) owns the property the zoning restrictions are mysteriously lifted and the property soars in value?

How did Bernie Spitzer (father of recently outed organized crime participant, and former NY Attorney General and Governor Eliot Spitzer) immigrate to the U.S. and then get approval to build what was by far the tallest ever residential complex in New York City? Could the connection and trust which Eliot Spitzer obviously had with operators of the prostitution ring have been based upon a long running Spitzer Family and Prostitution Ring corruption machine?

BankruptcyMisconduct does not believe that the famous and recognizable Eliot Spitzer was foolish enough to type "hi price whore" into a Google search page. Spitzer knew he was far too recognizable. We believe that a much more credible description of Eliot Spitzer's connection to the Emperors Club was that of a long standing family relationship - as in crime family. Eliot must have had an extreme level of trust in his dealings with them, some special relationship and understanding.

The Spitzer Prostitution Corruption Machine

    Here is how the corruption of public officials works with the use of prostitutes: If you are a criminal slime-ball, having control of a prostitution business becomes an extremely effective tool to influence all sorts of public officials such as zoning officers, prosecutors, legislators, State police, liquor license officials, even non-public persons with influence such as newspaper reporters.

    Organized crime deploys prostitutes to control public officials with two basic methods: the "carrot" and as a "stick"
    . Prostitutes are an effective form of cashless bribe which can be paid over and over again to willingly corrupt officials. However, organized crime also gains control of reluctantly corrupt public officials, an even greater range of public officials who otherwise would not have consciously chosen to betray their office.

    First we should realize that the prostitutes utitized to currupt public officials aren't the average abused woman, drug user, or corner streetwalker. The very powerful prostitution rings, such as the ones Eliot Spitzer was recently shown to have done business with, charged upwards of $4,000 per hour for the services of some extremely attractive and intelligent women. Without judging these women or commenting the morality of the process, we need to recognize that some very attractive, intelligent women become involved in these organized crime rings. Some of these women really know how to put on an act and manipulate - especially older men whose often dwindling sense of masculinity is inextricably intertwined in their powers granted by their public office. Such specially trained prostitutes are used in a form of sting operation.

    "Undercover" prostitutes work a con scheme whereby they seduce unknowing public officials. These women (and also sometimes men) con artist hookers may appear in office attire outside the building where the targeted official works, or outside the restaurant where the official had a dinner meeting. The undercover hooker asks to share a ride, or borrow money for cab fare. Things start slowly, a lot of time and subtlety is used just as in any con scheme. It doesn't take much for your average human male of middle age to fall for the seduction of a 23 year old intelligent and attractive woman, who gushes about how impressed she is with the target's job "as head of the zoning board". Photographs or other recordings are taken of the target as he inevitably succumbs. Once some dirt is obtained on the target, he is given a choice by the organized crime operators:

    Organized Crime makes an offer to a married public official which he "cannot refuse"

    The organized crime operators show the zoning board member the evidence of his having violated his marriage vows and they ask how each family member (stating children's names) would feel if they learned about it. The choice to the public official is to approve the record setting zoning variation (could be any other corrupt objective the far ranging criminal elements affiliated with the prostitution ring desire) or have your marriage ruined and children disgraced and possibly lost. This is the "stick". This extortion scheme does not cost much money to implement. It is very easy to do for Prostitution Ring operators who are already in the business. What's more, this scheme has been employed for centuries, and longer!

    Bankruptcymisconduct is not making excuses for these public officials who were tricked and then blackmailed into assisting organized crime, the above description is provided to illustrate how such corruption occurs. Only a Federal Special Prosecutor stands a chance at unraveling the Spitzer family organized crime connections and the corrupt abuse of Prosecutorial Discretion.

  • "In the real world of limited resources, we know that we can only detect, investigate and prosecute a small percentage of those officials who are corrupt."
    U.S. Attorney General John D. Ashcroft

  • " I remain convinced that there is no more important area in the fight against corruption than the challenge for us within the law enforcement and justice sectors to keep our own houses clean."
    U.S. Attorney General John D. Ashcroft

  • "For example, in 2002, the United States Justice Department dealt with more than 1,000 federal prosecutions of corrupt officials"
    U.S. Attorney General John D. Ashcroft