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Preet's Pungent Pretermission

Preet's Hipocrisy is exposed: Lies told to Feds by Bankers invovled in the U.S. Banking System Collapse are NOT a crime, but an alleged lie by a Foreign Diplomat regarding a minimum wage dispute for a foreign worker IS a crime, so Bharara arranges for the accused diplomat to get a vagina and anal cavity search.

The commercial media (all the news that they get paid to print) is often overly sympathetic, and even docile, when reporting on corruption or incompetence involving government officials. This is particularly true when the context is non-partisan, if there is no 'political story' there is 'no story'. How refreshing then to read the following in theTimes OP-ED article drawing attention to Preet's blaring failure to perform his duty in the piece entitled You Call That Tough? by Joe Nocera on May 7, 2011:

...despite concluding that [a Deutsche Bank division] executives had "knowingly, wantonly and recklessly" lied to federal officials, Bharara's office had decided that none of them deserved jail time. It had brough a civil, not a criminal, case

"Every lie is not a crime," said Bharara, when he was asked why no criminal charges had been brought.

Whoah! Hold the horses! Yo Preet, you ignorant slut!

We are saddened, if not surprised, to learn of yet another government prosecutor who has fallen short of the minimal standard "good enough for government work". Or maybe it is still too early to assume Preet's legacy will be as lackluster as that of flyboy Thomas P. OBrien. But according to The New York Times, it is a fine time to draw attention to Preet Bharara's failure to prosecute obvious Wall Street criminals, particularly including criminals who helped cause the current financial crisis.

Preet Bharara provides Deutsche Bank executives the 'favor' of ignore Title 18  1001 crimes

To be sure, BankruptcyMisconduct is not oft lacking with respect to posing tough questions & offering sharp criticism. And yet, it was none other than The New York Times who was first to publicly question whether Preet Bharara would be an honest and effective prosecutor. Excuse our late entry to the chorus of doubters of Preet's Purported Perfection. So look here at this quite obvious instance of crime by wall street players as Preet poorly implies that a crime was not committed - even a crime family apologist couldn't come right out and deny the crime - just a wave of the hands and a "nothing to see here".


Ever hear of Martha Stewart? Ever hear of Li'L Kim? Ever hear of Barry Bonds? Ever hear of Scooter Libby? Ever hear of Casey Anthony? The only criminal thing these people arguably did was to tell a lie to a government official. The women spent time in jail. We'll see about the black athlete. Libby's sentence was commuted.

And what about Rod Blagojevich? The only one of the 24 crimes of which Blagojevich was initially found guilty was lying to the government.


Most significantly, none of these people were part among the scores of greedy executives who got rich on the wall street schemes. The same schemes which combined to cause our current financial crisis. The Deutsche Bank division was a part of those schemes.

Point is, lying to federal officials is most certainly a crime. Lying to federal officials in the midst of an investigation about the financial collapse should be just the sort of crime that would interest a prosecutor who was not corrupt. A prosecutor who was more interested in ensuring the speedy and honest flow of information to federal officials than he was in corruptly setting a future career for himself, his relations, or his children, would most certainly make a quick and speedy example of Deutsche Bank executives who lied. Even stranger is the blatant disregard that Preet Bharara and his willy nilly office have for setting examples and precedent. Sure, letting criminals off the hook is bad. But bragging about the crimes committed by the criminals and then pounding ones chest "Lookie how powerful I am to take advantage of prosecutorial discretion for the Deutsche Bank executives" is just beyond the pale.


Preet, you need to have one of your staff clear this up for us. Which"truth" is it:

  1. Preet Bharara had a momentary memory lapse of the basics of U.S. law like Title 18 section 1001
  2. Preet Bharara is stupid
  3. Preet Bharara intentionally uttered the false phrase "every lie is not a crime" because he believes the public is stupid and won't recognize his intended abuse of prosecutorial discretion
  4. Preet Bharara was misquoted, but coincidentally our office refuses to prosecute the Wall Street banking fraud criminals because (fill in the blank , attach more sheets if necessary ... )


eToys fraud on the court evidence sent to Preet Bharara