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Andrew Cuomo

Update Winter 2021

So now we're seeing Andrew Cuomo in all his glory as an agent of Organized Crime, protecting rapists & pedophiles, corrupt public officials and money laundering operators is also a hard up frustrated sexual harrassment pig:

  • Lindsey Boylan
  • Charlotte Bennett
  • Anna Ruch
  • Karen Hinton
  • Ana Liss

Hypocrisy by the Media, Gloria Allred, NOW and others who seem to believe that young black athletes should be held to a higher standard than old white judges & lawyers. As if the NFL's Goodell working for a private company has more responsibilty than Andrew Cuomo as NY Attorney General. Cuomo was chief prosecutor when he directed charges be dropped against Judge Peck. Goodell may have been slow, but Cuomo dropped the charges.

Andrew Cuomo engaged in honest services fraud as he again corruptly abused prosecutorial discretion in order to protect Judge James Peck. Billions of dollars in the Lehman case are being allocated under the now suspect jurisprudence of Peck. The "favor" by Cuomo of allowing criminal charges against Peck to be dropped violated Canon 2 of the federal judicial ethics rules and casts all of Pecks decisions into doubt.

Andrew Cuomo is the Patron Saint of the wife beaters (such as Federal Bankruptcy Judge James Peck), organized crime bosses, fake charities, money launderers, and human kidney smugglers.

Andrew Cuomo included in Cover Up of Human Kidney Trade at NYC Hospitals

Yes, that is what we said! Andrew Cuomo, while NYS AG and now Governor of NYS, has aided and abetted the organized crime ring involving many New York area hospitals, doctors, lawyers, and countless nurses and support staff. The latter of which were quite willing to cut deals for protection, and to rat out their bosses. You see, you can't do a kidney transplant when the donor is matched to a mysterious Playmate Cooler coming via the Middle East, without everyone knowing, or pretending not to know.

Sadly, Andrew Cuomo was part of the willful decision to provide tacit approval to the ugly practise of human organ trading. It seems the rich need their healthcare no matter the price, and New York prosecutors have always been willing to keep their blinders on.
Sometimes the criminals that Cuomo has protected were clients of bankruptcy lawyers such as hedge funds, bankruptcy lawyers themselves, or even dirty bankruptcy judges. In any event, the blatant and undeniable intersection between the corrupt masquerades of Andrew Cuomo and Eliot Spitzer as they pretended to prosecute all criminals is a testament to main stream media's dutiful silence concerning our corrupt legal system.
Andrew Cuomo Protected the Mob like Eliot Spitzer did

There is no better tool for an organized crime family than having a corrupt prosecutor on the inside. BankruptcyMisconduct first considered Cuomo with an open mind hoping that Protectionism of crooked law firms by prosecutors would end along with Eliot Spitzer's reign as NY Attorney General. We are saddened, if not terribly surprised, that Andy Cuomo revealed himself as yet another tool of the mob trade.

... Where do we start?

Long Story Short:

Andrew Cuomo Protects Wife Beaters in the Mob

  • Andrew Cuomo was instrumental in the protection of a wife beater as he brazenly cast aside his sworn duties as New York's chief law enforcement officer, chief prosecutor, and member of New York's self regulating attorney's bar association. Cuomo took part in the abandoned prosecution and cover-up of the spousal abuse by the Federal Bankruptcy Judge James M. Peck - who admitted to NYC Police having struck his wife in the face during an argument over her late return from the Hamptons. Cuomo's allegiance to organized crime demanded protection for Judge Peck since he held influence over the split of billions of dollars in the Lehman bankruptcy - the case which no reader of BankruptcyMisconduct could be surprised to learn is awash in allegations of criminal fraud and bankruptcy fraud. Has Peck made mandatory criminal referrals or State Bar referrals upon hearing these allegations? No? We've gotta protect this Judge of ours ... Capice?

    Cuomo Fails to Investigate Any Of Spitzer's Prosecutorial Discretion Abuse
  • BankruptcyMisconduct readers may recall our 2006 Associate Press release during the last governor's election which boldly proclaimed the corrupt acts of Eliot Spitzer as evidenced by his protection of law firms engaging in bankruptcy crimes. Andrew Cuomo was mentioned therein with the hope that admitted death threat advice from a lawyer to a client would logically result in appropriate criminal and ethical consequences. Cuomo fails. But let us now pause and consider the bigger picture that has emerged of Spitzer's long running criminal associations. Eliot Spitzer engaged in money laundering each time he wired funds to criminal businesses, itself a form of organized crime, doing so with a number of organized crime families from the time Spitzer was a Fed as a U.S. Attorney extended through his years as New York State's Attorney General, including Eliot's short stint as governor. While the media dutifully ignore this simple fact, there can be no rational argument which disputes Spitzer's direct linkage with organized crime while he held prosecutorial discretion. How many criminal complaints did Eliot Spitzer cover-up to benefit associates in the crime families with which he did business? These crime families held ultimate dirt against Spitzer. The covered up crimes related to WorldCom after its bankruptcy filing are but one grouping of Spitzer's prosecutorial discretion. After reconsidering Spitzer's dishonorable service let's evaluate Cuomo's efforts at cleaning house. Cuomo say Diddly? Just tell us how many lawyers, and how many hours Andrew Cuomo allocated towards reviewing the corrupt use of prosecutorial discretion by the indisputably corrupt Eliot Spitzer. Look Andy, we already know you got zero results, but just humor us with an answer as to how hard you looked into Spitzer's abuse of power. We deserve nothing less than having Andrew Cuomo explain to us exactly how many hours were spent investigating and cleaning the Spitzer corruption legacy.

Cuomo's Failure to Prosecute Housing Frauds Shadows Own HUD History
  • Looking back on Andrew Cuomo's career of dubious public service, we see that he was intimately involved with our Federal government's inept malfeasance at the inception of the housing bubble & the related fraud schemes connected to HUD, as depicted in The Sopranos episode: "The Strong, Silent Type". Cuomo was appointed Secretary of Housing and Urban Development by President Bill Clinton. Given the "full" extent of Cuomo's prior achievements in life, namely having being born the son of corrupt politician Mario Cuomo, we might at first assume Andrew's ineffectual tenure at HUD was merely due to incompetence. But then we are faced with the continuing failures of Andrew Cuomo to take any meaningful prosecutorial action against the organized crime families which undeniably profited during the housing bubble. Cuomo knows well enough that the RICO laws can join the disparate players of mortgage brokers, lawyers, appraisers, Realtors, and flippers as a criminal enterprise whose vast earnings would be forfeited to the government after conviction. Isn't New York State in a tough economic predicament? Why did Cuomo so quietly fail to even attempt to punish those parties responsible for assembly line frauds which contributed to the magnitude of the housing bubble and its certain collapse? It seems that prosecuting one of your own is just not a resume line item for the mafia's prize boy.

Cuomo Lets Lawfirms Caught Red Handed Robbing NY Pension System Off Easy with Slap On Wrist
  • Teachers, Cops, Firemen, and all other New York State employees who earned pensions should wonder why Andrew Cuomo, associate of organized crime, let's many dozens of lawyers off easy after they are caught with their hands in the cookie jar. If these were people who didn't include crime family associates connected to Cuomo's extended "family", then we would have seen mass incarcerations. It is not just a lawyer thing, there are good and bad witches in OZ.

Eliot Spitzer Knows Andrew Cuomo
  • They say that "Praise from Caesar is praise indeed". Like when the praise is a claim of dirty politics as Eliot Spitzer says of Cuomo: "the problem that Andrew has is that everybody knows that behind the scenes, he is the dirtiest, nastiest political player out there and that is his reputation from years in Washington". Cuomo and Spitzer are both ambitious men, and they share equally in their distinction as honourable men. Having paraphrased that ... let's just consider the possibility that Cuomo now is serving some of the same crime families to which Spitzer held allegiance. Spitzer's remark about Cuomo amounts to cheap theatre to fill the lame stream media's talking points. BankruptcyMisconduct is not fooled by any head fake purporting to draw attention away from the continuing failures to prosecute certain crime families. Spitzer and Cuomo may genuinely dislike each other, no doubt given sufficient time to reflect on their own corruption, they would dislike themselves as well. Sadly for the citizens of New York State, Eliot Spitzer and Andrew Cuomo have more in common than the Corleone's and the Soprano's.
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