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Illegal Grant of Immunity

The eToys case is an example of lawyers, and their organized crime associate, caught red handed in a series of criminal acts including Fraud Upon The Court. BankruptcyMisconduct.com will attempt to explain here the simple fraud, the obvious crime, and the series of steps taken by government lawyers to cover up the crimes. This includes an illegal, unauthorized grant of immunity by rogue government lawyers in a Federal agency which did NOT hold any prosecutorial or judicial authority to grant immunity. In fact, these oath violating government lawyers were obligated to refer to the appropriate District Attorney and acts which were even merely suspected to be criminal. Instead, beyond an abuse of Prosecutorial Discretion, this apparent self serving career launching Quid Pro Quo by these DOJ lawyers is best characterized as a cover up. These lawyers were not government prosecutors.

Bookmark this page for our coming explanation which may include audio / visual aides, as well as a calendar.

Lawyers involved with this mess include Roberta DeAngelis, Colm Connolly, Kelly B. Stapleton, Mark Kenny, Preet Bharara & of course Paul R. Traub.

Only a Federal Special Prosecutor would have the independence to clean up this mess.