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Cover-Up Unraveling

Cover-Up Unraveling "A Deconstruction" In Progress

BankruptcyMisconduct is Proud to be part of the Menendez Revelations

But let's give credit where it is due.  There will be heroes and villains tied to this ugly mess.  We are going to name names, like we did on our early page on Senator Pedophile.  We are going to draw special attention to the villains.  Because anyone who helped cover-up the direct crimes of Bob Menendez has also assisted, by transitive relationship, the misconduct of the Organized Crime entities which Menendez had been protecting.  BankruptcyMisconduct will never allow the public to forget the names of so-called "public servants" and self righteous media who dishonored their oaths to their profession for the benefit of the financial criminals who are destroying our nation.

First, a couple Heroes:

New item:  1/31 Carrie Levine, Research Director, CREW
has just now learned that CREW has been working diligently to expose corruption, having sent a letter to the authorities in July of 2012.  Thank you Ms. Levine for risking it all in exposing dirty crimes by a powerful politician.  Unfortunately, we can not yet say the same for Rhonda Schwartz, who continues to ignore our requests for comment.  Sadly, ABC News is looking like a villain and Ms. Schwartz may join Ms. Raddatz in the gallery of shame.


The Daily Caller rips open Bob Menendez Story
The Daily Caller seems to be the first big site reporting on the ugly matter, though a special site we've already referenced seems to be the real whistleblower.  We hail the brave efforts of fedsinvestigationonsenmenendez.wordpress.com are likely the initial public revelations, and the included specifics are documented beyond the threshold of probable cause for any reasonable person to behold.   “Peter Williams” is the greatest hero, who risks serious retribution by being the whistleblower, his site obviously offering zero commercial reward.  God bless you Peter!  If you are threatened with retribution under Color Of Law be sure to let us know.

As of the raid today on the office of Menendez's admitted associate, we think that it is very likely possible that Regino E. Chavez, the  Special Agent FBI who had been investigating Menendez, may have been an honest public servant.  What we have seen before and suspect in situations like this, is that a corrupt element of the DOJ somewhere up in the chain of command, had been stonewalling the pursuit of justice against the Pedophilia/Legislature crime ring.  Sure, there are very many honest (gun carrying) lawyers within the DOJ, but only a fool would fail to see that the Department Of Justice has been transformed into a tool that is abused by Partisan Extremists and the Neo-Mafia.  Just look at the covered up scandals of Fast & Furious (Uh, isn't guns - particularly assault weapons - supposed to be a hot topic right now?), the election day weapon wielding Black Panther cover-up, as well what The New York Times called "a mass firing of federal prosecutors" by attorney general Alberto R. Gonzales.

So let's wait and see if the paper trail of the cover up inside the DOJ and DHS doesn't come unraveling soon.  After all, as obtuse as the corruption in our government can get, there isn't a mother and father in the country who doesn't understand a dirty politician getting away with Pedophilia because of a cover up.  Yeah, we think this is just beginning to get teed up.  We think that there are many law enforcement persons who are bitter with the interference they faced on this sad dirty story, and we think their frustration and anger will only build as the driving force is shown to be beyond partisan politics, and into the realm of Organized Crime.

Now what's this?  The Miami Herald not afraid to report actual news?
Hey Bob,  it's time to try to cut a deal

That is all we can say at the moment ...

What Did You Know, And When Did You Know It?

That will be the big question for the persons involved in the media coverage "self censorship" as well as the stymied law enforcement efforts of two issues that we already know of:  1) The ordered delay by the DHS of the arrest of the illegal immigrant registered sex offender (pedophilia) who was working for Menendez re-election campaign, and 2) the stalled investigation of Robert Menendez himself.

And Who Are The Villains:

So far we have enough evidence to cast as villains in the cover-up:

  1. Rhonda Schwartz This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it Chief of Investigative Projects, ABC News Investigative Team ABC News

    Senator Bob Menendez Pedophilia Cover Up by ABC News Martha Raddatz

  2. New item:  Martha Raddatz ABC  is now tied to the emerging media cover-up story of a pedophile, seemingly by political motives.
    Hey Martha - why no contact info for you?  Aren't you supposed to be a reporter?  You only get tips by invitation or something?

Of course, we'd love to hear from these people, to hear their side.  Where you ordered to keep quiet pending an investigation and arrest?  Then your name will eventually be cleared, but we've never seen your businesses hold back info regarding national security matters so we find it hard to fathom that you are anything other than supporters of Pedophilia for hire, and all the corruption that Organized Crime associated with Perverts in Public Office protected by extremist partisan hacks brings us.

Stay tuned ... this is only getting started.