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Jones Day Swallows Slop

To Understand what BankruptcyMisconduct means when we describe Jones Day as swallowing sloppy thirds slop, you must first read how we presciently described Bruce Bennett and his dirty bankruptcy team as representing a dubious acquisition for Dewey LeBoeuf - a firm whose own demise followed shortly thereafter. That is shortly after their acquisition of Bruce's dirty team, which in turn was shortly after the implosion of his prior firm, which Bruce co-founded.

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So before we engage in neo-reckless supposition upon the short sighted strategic myopia at Jones Day, read our contemporaneous description of the foolishness of entwining a lawfirm's future with Bruce's Dirty Dozen. Then you really need to read our take on the recent conduct by Jones Day under the leadership of Stephen J. Brogan and how their reckless actions seemingly portray a demise wish.

( It looks like this page may become a tracking page of issues related Jones Day )


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Jones Day has lawyers with a clear history of conflict of interest violations