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Self Regulation

We are a nation of laws. These laws give special powers to lawyers involving any legal matter, and in return lawyers are expected to conduct themselves to very high standards. That is the theory, but in practice lawyers act within a legal industry that is a disgrace. What more should we expect from a profession that is free to pursue maximum profit while it enjoys self regulation beyond the rich of voters?

If an ordinary man is accused of a crime, there is no secrecy during an arrest, indictment, or prosecution. In contrast, the "self regulation" scheme for lawyers is constructed to shield the accused lawyers from negative publicity as well as the oversight that citizens and the media would normally hold against public and private officials.

Attorney Self Regulation: Contributing Cause of the Financial Crisis

Our financial crisis was realized because our legal system maintains self-serving monopoly control over the regulation of misconduct by lawyers. Each of the financial schemes which contributed to the financial crisis could not have been executed but for the participation of countless lawyers. The largest drain on our nations economy is the implicit non-legislated tax imposed by our corrupted legal system. We see this tax in the form of explicit legal fees, reductions in the availability of goods and services, higher insurance costs, diversion of talent & energies into the self perpetuating legal bubble, and the enrichment of organized crime rings at the expense of productive citizenry.

BankruptcyMisconduct has free downloads of documents related to lawyer self regulation.