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To Rat, or Not To Rat

What should Suzzane Uhland Do?

Read up about the SONICblue fraud on the court scandal. It's not just one thing, it's a tightly interwoven series of acts of fraud upon the court. There is no serious dispute to the transparent truth that these acts were knowing, willful, and coordinated by a number lawyers on behalf of their respective law firms.

Suzzanne .... You don't have to wear that jumpsuit tonight

Ms. Uhland, Esq. has no better advice on how to deal with the still mushrooming fallout from her involvement in the SONICblue Fraud On The Court Conspiracy then her own firm. O'Melveny & Myers actually brags about how they help convince their client Frank Bergonzi to cut a deal and snitch on his cohorts in crime in this excerpt from their own 2003 - 2004 report:

SONICblue O'Melveny & Myers 2003_2004_review Excerpt on RiteAid

Mail Fraud & Wire Fraud are some serious crimes, and predicates to the RICO statute. What's good for the gander is good for the goose. And to be clear, BankruptcyMisconduct doesn't begrudge a prosecutor choosing the most serious jail time for the worst offenders in an organized crime ring and cutting special deals for the alert and informed parties that proactively reduce their risk whilst aiding justice.

It's just that Game Theory 101 covers "The Prisoners' Dilemma" in such detail that quite a number of parties to the SONICblue conspiracy may be rushing after their own deal just like so many lawyers trying to grab a lifeboat seat on the Titanic.

Do you remember that Kindergarten came musical chairs?

Hey Kids, How would you like to take part in advising Suzzanne what to do with her moral dilemma, perhaps better described as a Martha Stewart / Li'l Kim connundrum:

Should Suzzanne Uhland Inform & Testify against the SONICblue Co-Conspirators?

Suzzanne Uhland : To Rat Or Not To Rat