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Citibank "in Play"

Citibank is "officially" In Play

Vikram Pandit "resigns" from Citigroup

Readers of BankruptcyMisconduct have already read about Citibank being involved in financial fraud. Not coincidentally, you've also read pages on this site which have proven quite prescient as to predictions of the demise of firms engaged in financial fraud, and bankruptcy misconduct.

Will Citigroup be the next failing soldier to fall from among the co-conspirators, enablers, and abettors of financial fraud?

Let's review some of the dirt that has already been disclosed about the sinister operations at Citigroup. Sadly, it seems that the greedy pursuit of short term profits has transcended not just common decency, but our simple laws against fraud. We that Vikram Pandit was not running from his compensation package or the limelight: Pandit was running from the spotlight that is about to be pinpointed at dirty financial operations by Citibank as it conspired to defraud members of the public in order to reduce its own losses on ill fated loans made to Dewey LeBoeuf.

It ain't the Crime, It's the Cover-Up!

Hey Citibank, you made a bad loan. Face up to it, absorb the loss. Don't double down on one bad decision by crossing over to the Dark Side. If you're client is about to go bankrupt and default on its loans to you, conspiring with your client to defraud third parties into absorbing all, or any part, of your losses is dumber. It's a crime!

Don't just take our word for it

You don't have to believe the opinion of BankruptcyMisconduct that Citigroup has been using TARP monies to support an organization systematically engaged in financial fraud. You can instead just read the sworn statements of high profile lawyers in good standing, part of further sworn filings by well respected third party lawyers in sworn documents. Free Downloads Coming Soon!

RICO party, Cyrus Vance to Poop or Get Off The Pot / Vacate The Office

More Coming Soon!

Stay tooned for much more to follow on Citibank!