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Insider Crime Claims Target Citibank

Allegations of Crime by Former Lawyers from Inside Dewey LeBoeuf Continue
Citibank employees now ensnared along with JP Morgan tools

It is big news when a 1,000+ lawyer firm collapses. Bigger news is when such a firm is shown to have operated as a criminal enterprise. But the most amazing result of the continuing shameful story of the collapse of Dewey LeBoeuf may be the full breadth of the lawyers, bankers, financiers, and public officials who are found complicit in the crimes at the firm.

Readers of BankruptcyMisconduct are well aware of the far reaching scope of the Racketeering laws (RICO) in defining such an enterprise to include all entities involved in the conspiracy to carry out, as well a protect, persons engaged in a series of criminal acts such as mail fraud and wire fraud, which are always implicated in any form of bank fraud. Now, even readers of the Commercial Media are becoming aware of Citibank's intertwined involvement in the Dewey LeBoeuf mess:

For example, we find the Chicago Tribune reporting on the Reuters article Citibank schemed with firm to hide its woes: Ex-Dewey partner, written by Casey Sullivan.

We brush off belated accolades for our prescient series on the impending collapse of Dewey LeBoeuf, with our bold & specific prediction of internal whistle-blowing vindicated by actual criminal referrals. We find the fact that big money players in the Wall Street greed machine at J.P. Morgan and Citibank the much bigger story, perhaps as harbinger of a phenomenal impact on organized crime's deep entanglement into our mainstream financial system collapse.

Excitingly gross is how the Dewey Aftermath is acting like a venereal disease as it spreads to other "professionals" who were in bed with the criminals of the law firm. We've already reported about the criminal allegations by insiders to Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance. Then we reported about how finance deal makers at J.P. Morgan have been put "in play" with respect to any of the criminal aftermath which may follow the apparently overt fraud in the Dewey LeBoeuf private placement financing and related document. (You may want to download this document to read more about it.) Then we reported about the civil suit by Henry Bunsow which detailed facts of a series of fraudulent acts by mail and/or wire, which you can download for free here.

The lasting stigma of the Dewey / Citibank Scandal is now indelibly tarnishing the legacy of Preet Bharara, who had been featured as the new Eliot Spitzer fighting Wall Street corruption by Time Magazine. Well as we all know, Time is quite the had been itself. And the revelations of Eliot Spitzer's exposed wire transfers with organized crime highlight the absurdity of assuming prosecutors are corruption free when we read trumped up dog and pony prosecutions in the press. As if the Spitzer prosecutions were not absurd show trials, how are we to believe that Bharara's India centric vaginal and anal cavity search fetish, of pretty diplomats of course, is anything but Eliot Voo Doo? Mr. Bharara: the future called and left you a message: "You're Done"

Cyrus Vance may be afraid, or too corrupt, to prosecute his brethren

Well now, we have another sworn allegation by a notable lawyer who was lured inside the dirty law firm. This represents yet another instance of sworn allegations, above the sworn signatures of well regarded lawyers whose self regulating industry demands that they make adequate inquiry and research before pursuing same. Yet another instance which demands a complete investigation and prosecution of criminals who dared to operate within one of our nations largest law firms.

Citibank Employees Join J.P. Morgan Pawns "In Play"

Read here about the straightforward allegations by STEVEN P. OTILLAR against Citibank and certain of the banks employees including Rohit Malhotra and "Maggie". Of course, the allegations of fraud are also targeted against a number of the same associates listed in our Dewey "Le-Perp" page. Download the actual document Dewey_LeBoeuf_Otillar-asserts-Citibank-Conspired-in-Fraud.pdf for free.

Yo: Rohit, Maggie and you other Citibank players... You better think about getting your ducks in order. Get your criminal counsel now, if there are any experienced unconflicted ones left. Then get yourself a deal to testify. If a J.P. Morgan tool gets a deal first, you'll only be able to negotiate for a plea.

It's time to stop dreaming about your "career" and make some hard choices as to what will be best for your family.

Prosecutors On The Ropes
Cyrus Vance - What Me Prosecute?

Many a prosecutor dreams of finding themselves blessed with an opportunity to battle the perfect villain. To be sure, Mike Nifong was overcome with his imagined election year blessing of rich white boy college sport stars who raped a black single mother honor student working her way through college. We all know how that worked out. So lets consider another circumstance for a prosecutor, perhaps the converse or the obverse. A prosecutor faced with crimes by certain parties which the prosecutor knows are connected, that pursuing justice against such villains would be "bad" for his pre-established conventional career plans.

He who lives in (or aspires to live in)
Glass Houses, seldom throws stones

How unfortunate for such "public servants" that they were unlucky enough to have some slam dunk criminals land in their lap. These prosecutors are given the unpleasant choice of ignoring obvious crime by lawyers, or prosecuting the leaves of their own legal-industrial complex. Sucks to be them. Prosecutorial Discretion used to protect a series of frauds by a bunch of lawyers is the kind of thing that will come back to bite you, perhaps putting yourself into play. Especially in today's internet. The business interests which have long "privately regulated" the small set of truths and controversies that are exposed to the public no longer hold their monopolies. Sucks for organized crime as well. No, not the Italian-American TV and Movie flavor of organized. It sucks for the most massive form of organized crime in our nation which controls a far larger chunk of our economy, and siphons off a much larger percentage of our national wealth then the mafia ever could. Yes, the prosecutors who will be receiving copies of the sworn legal documents containing criminal allegations by insiders of the apparent Dewey LeBoeuf Crime Ring are being put "in play".

Watch BankruptcyMisconduct, as well as other internet sites, for more on this tintillating topic.