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Eliot Spitzer

BankruptcyMisconduct.com has a number of articles that mention Eliot Spitzer, Esq. - the short lived Governor of New York State and one time presumed air to the presidency of the U.S.A.

Eliot is mentioned often here because of his long standing undeniable intimate association with organized crime. Readers of this site understand that crime families tend to immerse themselves in many different lines of business and as even the most casual research would show, the Mega Case Bankruptcy Industry in the U.S. is rife with corruption.

You could easily just type in "Spitzer" in our Search, or just click here.

Here is a listing of specially interesting points about the degenerate who was caught engaged in money laundering and Mann Act violation, but which the main stream media dutifully parroted as having had a "personal matter".

  • Eliot Spitzer's willful failure to do his duty re: the death threat in the WorldCom case
  • The Spizter Family and how their empire was "conceived"
  • Spitzer & the Neo-Mafia
  • Spitzer & Lou Posner : Big Lou's Hot Lap Dance Club run Eliot's cousin bankruptcy lawyer
  • Spitzer & Paul Bergrin : Cousin lawyer, brother FED and State DA, caught in organized
  • Spitzer & Andrew Cuomo : Brother New York Attorney General who continued Mob protection.