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Citibank Conspired in Dewey Management Fraud
Details for Citibank Conspired in Dewey Management Fraud
NameCitibank Conspired in Dewey Management Fraud

Yet another respectable lawyer from a top firm, each in turn represented by highly regarded law firms, are swearing facts showing that Dewey LeBoeuf et al. engaged in a series of intentional frauds.  BankruptcyMisconduct perceives that these frauds were committed by both mail and wire.  Hmmm... Ain't them predicates to RICO?

Citibank has some employees who were specifically named, including Rohit Malhotra and a certain Maggie.

Well, you's two's best gets youself's some criminal counsel and look into cutting a deal.  Because we all know that your boss and the Citibank CEO ain't gonna take one for the team. 

Get a lawyer, and have him start working on a deal now.

And as we've been saying on our Dewey Le'Perp page, the best white collar defense law firms in the NYC area are getting conflicted out right quick.


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