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Bankruptcy Pimp

Read About the bust: "Bedsheets, Kleenex & Hookers ... Oh MY!"


************** Update March 2010 ***********
Despite the initial efforts of New York prosecutors desperately trying to allow the pimp bankruptcy lawyer to keep his law license under a plea deal to a single misdemeaner, Lou Posner, Esq. pled guilty to a felony.  Supposedly, this means the end of Lou Posner as a bankruptcy lawyer, or even normal forms of lawyering without that bankruptcy social stigma.  Even so, organized crime really must be proud of their infiltration of the prosecutors' offices when a million dollar prostitution business which destroyed dozens of young lives along with a fraudulent charity operation results in a single felony plea with no jail time.  (Hmm...  who was the Attorney General when this "favor" went down?)

Can we really blame Big Daddy Lou for holding out against the misdemeaner plea deal?  Really, Posner was just a small fish pulling in a bit over $1Million per year illegally when a number of BigLaw firms illegally scam tens of millions, even over $100 Million per year as they engage in Fraud Upon the Court, lying under oath in their written affidavits of disinterestedness.   Spitzer never did time, lost his law license, copped to a misdemeanor, or even paid a fine. 

But Unfortunately for Posner -- there was a certain internet news presence playing the old "corruption in the bankruptcy industry exemplified by lawyer pimp with fraudulent charity" card.  So even the "best" of intentions to always protect crooked lawyers in the bankruptcy industry was overwhelmed by the periodic inquiries instigated by this site.  We're sure Lou finds it unfair that wife beating Lehman Brothers money changer  James Peck didn't even pay a fine.  In contrast, Lou really loves his wife Betty Posner.  Lou never beat his wife, in fact she was a part of his crooked money operation.  Lou merely preferred sex with really young Russian girls owned by Russian organized crime members, which we know from Eliot Spitzer is legally classified as "a private matter".   So it's just not fair when an honest pimp like Posner gets made the scape goat whilst Judge Peck allowed billions of undisclosed dollars to flow out of the country without so much as a slap on the wrist.   Yo' Big Daddy - listen 'a this.


************** Update July 2080 *************
Lou "Big Daddy" Posner
has been released on bail while prosecutors state they desire more time before presenting their case.   Now that Lou has already had a taste of the love known as prison life, this pause serves the purpose of letting Posner ponder the personal decision about whether it would be prudent to rat out some elements of organized crime in the profitable bankruptcy industry.  Apparantly Posner has little love for judges in particular as seen here:

        Lou Posner, Esq. introduced himself as a New York attorney and asked "Your Honor, you have discussed the ethics of lawyers, while little or nothing has been said about the ethics of Judges."

Louis Posner
, a New York based bankruptcy lawyer was just arrested for running a strip club which was a front for a high priced prostitution ring along with a money laundering operation through a dummy charitable organization as reported here in the New York Times. The Times describes the "top charge" as money laundering for which Big Lou could receive 15 years in jail.

Lou Posner
Practicing law under the name LOUIS J. POSNER, P.C. at 305 Madison Avenue & the Lincoln Building at 60 East 42nd Street "Big Lou" lists substantial experience as a debtor and creditor lawyer in bankruptcy courts including bankruptcy appellate practice. 

 According to The Daily News, many of the hookers were Russian women forced to work as prostitutes to pay off debts to their "handlers", a process otherwise known among women's rights advocates as sex industry slavery. 

I thought we had some pretty serious laws against transporting women across state lines (and international trafficking) for prostitution.  Consider the Mann Act which now confronts Posner's pimpin' cousins in crime Eliot Spitzer and Mark Brener.  But Posner appears caught in an extremely serious level of organized crime: money laundering, operating a fake charity, tax fraud, slavery, and so forth -  that's got to be a life sentence. 

Assuming the federal prosecutor in charge is not corrupt, there are only two ways to escape jail for someone in Posner's shoes:  the perp has to hope that the DOJ's prosecutor deems his victims race or ethnicity to be so unworthy of protection that the dishonorable official lets it slide, or the perp cuts a deal and rats out a bigger catch for DOJ officials to parade in a prosecution.

Let's try to forget the salacious details involving Posner's expensive manhattan strip club with the private rooms available for $5,000 and up and remember that we are talking about a bankruptcy lawyer.   The bankruptcy industry is not merely a bunch of slimely lawyers who have organized crime members and corrupt hedge funds as clients.  Posner's outing is indicative of the "shocking" notion that the bankruptcy industry consists of organized crime operators who also hold law degrees. 

Did anyone ever get some hard facts about the "mysterious" death of Lou Tersigni ?
  No matter.

Remember this: Posner has been considered an honorable officer of the court, recognized to appear before Federal Bankruptcy Judges and by law his statements before a bankruptcy judge are automatically deemed true while statements by "ordinary" business people are not accorded such authority.

Proven Link Between Prostitution Ring and Bankruptcy Law Firm

Of course, the first thing that comes to mind is Eliot Spitzer, the Federal prosecutor and New York's Attorney general whose duty was to enforce the laws.   BankruptcyMisconduct.com reported back in 2006 via an AP press release delivered to every periodical in the nation which covered the legal services industry that Eliot Spitzer was corrupt and was protecting those persons involved with the death threat against the whistle-blower to bankruptcy ring corruption in the largest bankruptcy, fee fest, and hedge fund scandal in history called Worldcom.

Subsequently, all other citizens have learned that Eliot Spitzer abused prosecutorial discretion all those many years during which he actually did business with organized crime.   In fact, the prostitution ring operators held career ending dirt on Eliot Spitzer and thus held de facto immunity for all of their criminal operations. 

Some main stream media disparaged our linkage between prostitution rings and bankruptcy rings.  Of course, Lou Posner was never arrested when Eliot Spitzer was in power.  Upon information and belief, Posner was never even investigated under Spitzer.  Did Posner's having dirt on Spitzer after providing the Governor pervert with prostitutes enable Posner to operate free of criminal consequences for so long?  How many crimes related to bankruptcy proceedings was Posner involved with under the protection of Eliot Spitzer?   How many other criminal enterprises were protected by Spitzer?  Only a Federal Special Prosecutor can answer that question for us.

Ask not for whom the Corruption Bell Tolls

Yes, there are some government officials who have stopped honoring decades old immunity agreements which allowed certain lawyers and public officials to engage in organized crime with impunity.

Are the Feds are onto you?

We have written this text for all readers of this site. But for those of you within the DOJ, the Judiciary, a State Bar, a hedge fund, or a law firm who know of illegal conduct: never ever forget that bankruptcyMisconduct.com warned you. The window of opportunity for you to come forward of your own volition may be closing even as you read this.  Obtain the advice of outside (of your employment) counsel if you must.

Your best chance to either cut a deal or start the process off with your explanation of the facts may be very short. Do you really trust that your supervisor is going to take one to protect you?  Do you suspect that your supervisor, co-worker, client, or subordinate is currently rating you out?  Do you realize that the hedge fund you are protecting is not the one breaking the laws?

Honor Among Thieves?

If you really do trust all of the sleeze-bag people you work around every day then ignore this page and do nothing. Your spouse, children, and creditors will get all the money they need.  But if you doubt that all of these other players have your best interests at heart, then you better start making some phone calls. And what about the dirt bags that you used to work with? Are you going to gamble your child's college opportunities on small time pimps? As the government is cleaning itself from within, bottom up and top down, it is cornering small time thugs in business of bankruptcy fraud. If such a bum is facing 15 to 20 years for a puny pimp racket, do you really think all of these people won't spill the beans to save themselves? Who among us believes that Eliot Spitzer will do a day in jail, or that he won't provide all sorts of facts to the Feds to buy his way out?

Yes, we have made some outrageous claims on this web site.  Some of it very hard to believe to outsiders.  But those involved know it is true, and the fact that we can all see these beginning changes is undeniable.

We can't reveal everything, but rest assured that the eToys scandal is gaining traction, some unstained government officials are taking a fresh look.  We were the first voice to foretell of the corrupt administration of Eliot Spitzer as prosecutor.  Sure enough we have been proven correct.

"I Fear We Have Awakened A Sleeping Tiger"  - Anonymous BigLaw Executive Partner

There has awakened a sleeping tiger within part of our Department Of Justice. You can only ignore the dedication and oaths of these men and women at your own peril.

Or you can seek out a deal. Time is running out.

Mr. Posner's bankruptcy experience goes all the way back to Integrated Resources, Inc. in which none other than our DOJ's Attorney General Michael B. Mukasey played a role when he sat as a Judge on the District Court.  Does anyone else find it more than a little troubling that the fox guarding the hen house has been rolling around in chicken shit for so long?

Judging by the lack of action against certain elements of organized crime by the DOJ and other law enforcement entities controlled by corrupt officials such as Eliot Spitzer, there is simply no such thing as a Russian mafia, there is only an Italian mafia. The fact that Moscow is now rated the most expensive city in the world and has the highest concentration of new money billionaires has absolutely nothing to do with the coincidental failures of our DOJ to prosecute organized crime in America when perpetrated by race and ethnicities other than Italian Americans. That Mukasey is Russian is only a coincidence.