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  • Supplement to Complaint Letter Requested by Securities And Exchange Commission officer (SECAURHBDreq1sup.pdf <1MB)
  • Complaint Letter Requested by Securities And Exchange Commission officer (SECAURHBDreq1.pdf 10MB)

  • Chart depicting Chronology of Attorney Misconduct - Exhibit P - CABAURHBD26.pdf
  • Chart - a picture is worth 1024 words Chronology of Conflicted Representation - Exhibit J - CABAURHBD26.pdf
  • Chart, for the folks in Rio Linda, of Delays Advised or Engaged by CA Attorneys - Exhibit X - CABAURHBD26.pdf

  • California Supreme Court Verified Accusation re: HBD (CABAURHBDS157298.pdf sans exhibits)
  • California Supreme Court exhibits to Verified Accusation re: HBD (CABAURHBDS157298-exhibits.pdf 40 MB)
  • California Supreme Court Docket in Re: Case S157298

  • California State Bar Complaint re: HBD and Oaktree Capital (Original CABAURHBD1v5.pdf 1MB)
  • California State Bar Complaint re: HBD, Oaktree Capital, Argo Partners (Revised CABAURHBD26.pdf 27MB)
  • California State Bar Complaint re: HBD, Oaktree Capital, Argo Partners (Revised CABAURHBD26.pdf sans exhibits 1MB)

  • Worldcom / MCI bankruptcy filing related to counsel's admission of "death threat" advice (17315NFObj.pdf without exhibits 2.37 MB)
  • Worldcom / MCI bankruptcy filing exhibits re: counsel's admission of "death threat" advice (motion exhibits 17315NFObj_A.pdf Filesize 2.02 MB)
  • Matters of interest to viewers of this site:

    Matter listings and milestones below are database entries, with links to documents when available, provided for the convenience of regulators, media, academia, law enforcement, special interest groups, and for those applying for scholarship awards related to competitions sponsored in conjunction with bankruptcyMisconduct.com.

    Progress Milestones may categorize each listing to indicate relevant events or documents and may include the following:
  • Notable Filing
  • Complaint | Filed / Closed / Declined / Reopened
  • Conflict / Affiliation
    [ Relationship among: Hedge Fund, Private Equity, Buy Side, Sell Side, Attorney, Accountant, Liquidator, DOJ, Judge ]
  • Referral Demand (such as under Title 18 U.S.C. 3057)
  • Official Referral To Investigator
  • Official Referral To Prosecutor
  • Official Investigation
  • Prosecution
  • SEC | Referral / Complaint / Investigation / Prosecution / Adjudication
  • FOIA | Request / Response
  • State Bar | Complaint / Investigation / Prosecution / Disbarment / Discipline
  • Notice To: Media / Academia / Politician
  • Comment By: Media / Academia / Politician
  • Adjudication

  • The matter listings may include peculiar activity, complaints, investigations and prosecutions. BankruptcyMisconduct.com or Next Factors, Inc. or any other persons may have instigated referrals, investigations, or prosecutions related to some of these matters. BankruptcyMisconduct.com wishes to remind all viewers of information on this web site that every person, including law firms and their partner and associate attorneys, should be considered innocent until proven guilty. Allegations are merely allegations unless and until such matters are adjudicated in a proper and fair venue. Sadly, Bankruptcy Misconduct committed by powerful law firms and their attorney members all too often escapes genuine and meaningful review by the governmental entities.
    Listings may link to documents which we believe are valid, but the links and documents themselves may be withdrawn, superseded, stricken, updated, or otherwise invalid and each viewer is cautioned to independently confirm any information or document link with any corresponding source. All factual elements are as they appear in corresponding public filings, all non factual information is the opinion of bankruptcyMisconduct.com or the content contributor. Listings may reference an originating bankruptcy case and track progress by certain parties related to possible misconduct or crimes. Entries may reference explicit events and may include running status commentary. If you would like to suggest an entry or respond to an entry, please contact us.

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    Date Case Milestone By/From To/About Description DocumentLink

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