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21. New Green Deal
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Hedge Fund Forfeitures to pay for the New Green Deal How are we going to pay for the New Green Deal now that Joe Biden is POTUS and AOC is now really able to help steer the course of the Nation? Well ...
22. Bed Bath & Beyond
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... so many pension funds, hedge funds, mutual funds and other fiduciaries embrace religious / ideological fads that harm their fiduciary beneficiaries? Hmmmm could it be ...      ...
23. Fake Diversity
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Morrison Foerster's Fake Diversity Scam - Foolin Nobody Well to be sure, the true purpose of supporting and promoting Diversity is a noble one, and all of society benefits when it is genuine. But in ...
24. Christmas Show 2022
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Merry Christmas 2020 #BankruptcyMisconduct presents the Delaware dirty lawyer and their #HedgeFund Friends Christmas Show Be sure to play this video in High Definition. There is a selector for ...
25. Crisis Pimping
... the first American to recive $1.5 Billion dollars from China to start a hedge fund in the USA, despite having zero experience ever working for or starting a hedge fund. Sure, many people do not like ...
26. Preet's Perverted Peek
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... of Ms. Khobrargade might have been a coolly calculated ploy to distract the public from his failed record against entrenched wall street. Not the isolated hedge fund manager here and there, whose investment ...
27. Tashina Guahar
Which practise area provides experience best suited for a role in Corrupt U.S. Government? Well, that's hard to say and perhaps there are are many. But we can say that we are Highly Confident that the ...
28. Mary Carter
How MIght Mary Carter Free A Remorseful Lawyer from a Lingering Cloud?   Mary, Mary, quite contrarian How does your practice grow ? With stinky smells and conflicted spells And fleeing lifeboats ...
29. Bob Menendez Implosion Watch
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... And to our readers, we promise there is more to come... Do we think that Menendez will cut a deal and rat out some hedge funds? ************************************************************************** ...
30. DocFabrication
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Document Fabrication: "Outside The Box" tool of Lawyers recruited by Jones Day If you want to climb in the PPEP Rankings, you must embrace certain people with a background in Fake Evidence or ...
31. SONICblue's Irish Neo-Mafia "O'Tools"
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Note to our Readers: We've gotten heavier traffic on SONICblue and all things Bruce Bennett than when we first covered his sloppy  impulsiveness. Why not tell us on Facebook or Twitter if you're the ...
32. Dreier NAP by Relkin
UPDATE 2016 BankruptcyMisconduct just learned that the awesome Notice Of Appearance in the Dreier case that was loaded in our free downloads section had been hacked.  Happy to report that the document ...
33. Liquidity Solutions
Liquidity Solutions We won't try to answer the question as to who they are, whose money they pass-through, or Who Must Be Obeyed.  Suffice it to say that there is quite an interested tidbit that could ...
34. Diplomat Vs Terrorist
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... they'd known more. It's not like Malik was a #HedgeFund manager whereby the DOJ would go out of its way to ignore referrals, protect them at all costs! The DOJ just doesn't get the fact that #HedgeCrimesMatter ...
35. Bruce's 2012 Lament
... been primary or conclusive in the ultimate implosion of the law firm Mr. Bennett co-founded : Hennigan Bennett & Dorman. Whether it was SONICblue, Aureal, or another hedge fund conflict issue mushroom ...
36. Howard Marks
Being Howard Marks is like Being John Malcovich with Neither Talent nor Sense Of Humor The Publicity Sage of Oaktree Capital Readers of BankruptcyMisconduct know that Hedge Funds oft game the playing ...
37. DOJ for sale
... to look the other way Like when the former SEC enforcement head looked the other way re: her husbands law firm's hedge fund clients dirty fed abuses prosecutorial discretion to attack the competitor ...
38. Stephen J. Brogan
... who haven woven a number of hedge funds into a web of undeniable #ConflictOfInterest violations. (Is it too early for us to say #Oaktree & #HowardMarks?) Hey Stephen - the lyric is to catch a falling ...
39. Schuette Fears Giants
... on behalf of major banks, wall street firms, and hedge funds. Seriously, there are crooked law firms caught in conflict of interest frauds upon the court, making hundreds of millions, and into billions, ...
40. Preet's Epic Punts
... crime in U.S. history. Hedge Fund/Bank Lawyer Conflict Of Interest Scandals - Preet Bharara has focused solely on the little guy to nap a few meager insider trading cases whilst ignoring the vastly larger, ...
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