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21. Fake Diversity
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... comment. This is likely due to the fact that nobody here is a world class athlete with sufficient "master race" sperm quality to merit her unbridled candor.  Do not get in the way of a post prime neo - ...
22. Chump Judge Gags a Re-Tweet
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... Al" anyway?  And just how big is they?  Well Allison R. Greenfield is pretty darn big, indeed.  In fact, she's got a big website here. photo courtesy of www.attorneyallisongreenfield.com We can't ...
23. Bed Bath & Beyond
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... to one of today's violent de facto religious movements.  So we'll take a pass on that.  But let's summarize that ESG and it's related anti-American radical ideologies are destructive to wealth. Why do ...
24. Christmas Show 2022
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... truth is quite stubborn, the facts always show When what special prosecutor soon shall appear And shock job hunting Feds and the Neo-Mafia with fear With a little corruption, some lawyers bend quick ...
25. Crisis Pimping
... more money for a hospital admission which is scored as Covid19 related, as well as an official Cause Of Death when it is scored Covid19 related. But financial incentive has nothing to do with facts, Science, ...
26. Preet's Perverted Peek
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... to hide his own perversion is frivolous and speciously devious; blatantly so to anyone familiar with the U.S. justice system. The fact is that Bharara could have instigated a prosecution of Devyani without ...
27. Christmas Twinkie & Stinky
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... their official service to de facto no-show jobs is on the line, you take one for the team.  Because if there is any honor, it's Honor Among Thieves.  And Jennifer Marines sure knows about taking one ...
28. Abortion Foerster
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Had Morrison Forced-Her to get an Abortion? Kind of Ironic that Diversity is heralded at Morrison Foerster, when their de facto funding and instigation of Abortion is having the opposite effect. ...
29. Bob Menendez Implosion Watch
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... (DHS) instructed federal agents not to arrest the man until after Election Day. BankruptcyMisconduct has more to say about the corrupt reign Bob Menendez. In fact, Bob Menendez has the filth of ...
30. Twinkie & Stinkie
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Since #MorrisonFoerster's de facto decision to dominate the fame on BankruptcyMisconduct.com it seems only appropriate that their "restructuring" team gets their own devoted page. The lovely Jennifer ...
31. Dreier NAP by Relkin
... by the fearless legal heavyweight David H. Relkin has been restored and you can download it here.  In fact, here is a view of these pages.  Have you ever seen such a telling NAP? Guess what people ... ...
32. Diplomat Vs Terrorist
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... they'd known more. It's not like Malik was a #HedgeFund manager whereby the DOJ would go out of its way to ignore referrals, protect them at all costs! The DOJ just doesn't get the fact that #HedgeCrimesMatter ...
33. Bruce's Lament
... of legal fees where lost along with tens of millions of client forfeitures. In light of the secretive curtain of legal industry "self-regulation" it is difficult to speculate on which factor may have ...
34. Carly Fiorina
... Yet we find it difficult to take seriously Carly's media gimmick regarding the #Trump 'face' insult, given the genuine and much more serious insult to another woman, in fact an official Diplomat.  Please ...
35. The Godfather III
... "innocent until proven guilty", as well as any factual analysis of the perpetrators of the greatest crimes.  For who wouldn't define greatest as being "largest dollar amount"? Could they have been too ...
36. Preet's Epic Punts
... up. And a bigger, more serious crime of national significance. While we truly believe that Corzine is a dirty, unprincipled crook, we concede that he is not stupid. He would not have risked the de facto ...
37. Anne M. McCormick
... details the fact that your agency has done an apparent pain-staking review of the facts concerning the eToys case and my appeals, all the way to the Third Circuit Court. You also make note of the fact ...
38. Judge Lippmann
... to be corruption in the New York courts. BankruptcyMisconduct firmly believes that our court systems have been deeply infiltrated by corruption - de facto organized crime.  We understand why Mr. Galison ...
39. Jack Wheeler
Who Killed Jack Wheeler? The Cover Up Of A Failed Suiciding   The story of the murder of John P. Wheeler III will unravel and BankruptcyMisconduct will report the facts and the insidious members ...
40. Fake Chance
... get screwed" and how "it is only fair that you loose your bargained benefits" in the Detroit bankruptcy. Sadly, it may only come at the end of the day when the members wake up to the fact that their counsel ...
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