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41. Catch The Whiff
... their oft secret clients of Christmas Past, Present, and Future.  Victims will never stand a chance across the table from financial institutions and Hedge Fund Clients who funnel huge sums of cash to the ...
42. Judge, Hide More
eToys is the governmental coverup of hedge fund and lawyer bankruptcy ring corruption that just keeps on giving Seriously, as if Roberta DeAngelis hasn't had her tired carcass dragged through enough dark ...
43. Workers' Jeopardy
... a fair outcome being controlled by Jones Day - a BigLaw firm of lawyers with a history of conflict of interest violations.  How can Workers stand a chance when billion dollar Hedge Funds reign influence ...
44. Bill Schuette
... were hired and its an ugly evil called prejudice.  Jones Day hired a municipal bankruptcy team led by Bruce Bennett, with a known ugly history of favoring big business in the form of secret hedge fund ...
45. Detroit In Play
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... who got themselves in charge of this fee frenzy have a spotless track record for favoritism towards their hidden hedge fund clients. Anyone who hopes to collect on their pension is a fool if they ...
46. Menendez CNN Lies
... bankruptcy fraud by hedge funds and their hired crooked lawyers with a chance at scoring their own jackpot.  Tough decision for some, quite easy for so many others. Robert did not advocate for any issue ...
47. Romney Stoned
... bankruptcy counsel hid while assisting Romney / Bain on their rampage through our corrupted bankruptcy courts turned "hedge fund welfare system". In effect, our bankruptcy courts have been sinisterly ...
48. JP Morgan vs. Dewey
... they'd pay their dues wearing white hats as part of a costume before their revolving door entry into private practise, hedge funds, finance, and politics; are facing their own rude awakenings. Damn those ...
49. Ides of March
OK, the business of Prostition Law has a some basic truths: Pay top producers more. Pay the hardest workers more. But there are a few basic rules that you should have learned in Kindergarten: Don't ...
50. Entities
...  The individuals include bankruptcy lawyers, bankruptcy professionals, liquidators, hedge fund managers (such as Mitt Romney), and government lawyers. This top level page will describe generally the organizations ...
51. Bruce Bennett
Welcome to our landing page for Bruce Bennett, noted by a Federal Judge for his "insidious campaign to corrupt the administration" of the SONICblue bankruptcy case. Also noted for giving birth to the ...
52. Solyndra
Solyndra, that new green dream darling of President Obama, files for Chapter 11. But, not until after getting over half a BILLION dollars in government backing for loans made by certain hedge funds. ...
53. Revolving Door Feds
... Look at how much the senior management of the SEC and DOJ get paid.   Partners at many bankruptcy law firms make over $2 million dollars per year.  Hedge Fund professionals make even more.  So why would ...
54. Profiles In Dishonesty
... that deep dark cosmic abyss, whose incessant gravitational pull tuggs mercilessly at her toes. But what is this ... a hedge fund? A dirty hedge fund paying money to O'Melveny & Myers? And they "failed ...
55. Uhland Walking
... contrasts such themes, coincidentally intertwined with the unpleasant reality upon which some hedge funds and their lawyer ilk ghastly feed:   It blackens Claudius irrevocably because it shows him, ...
56. WaMu WaMu
So here is the start of our coverage of the Washington Mutual neo-bankruptcy. One day WaMu is doing about the same as other big U.S. banks... the next day stockholders are screwed and the hedge fund ...
57. Washington Mutual
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... who just don't get the real world. One day WaMu is doing about the same as other big U.S. banks... the next day stockholders are screwed and the hedge fund clients of certain law firms start profiting ...
58. Sleaze Tracker: Dewey LeBoeuf Swallows Demon Seed
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Update Alert !!! Jones Day Swaps Gooey from Dewey Bruce Bennett is like the Energizer Bunny of dirty bankruptcy lawyer Firmwreckers Short version: Bruce Bennett imploded the firm that he co-founded ...
59. Mitt Romney
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...  The Genesis of RomneyWater The real story of Mitt Romney's association with a hedge fund which routinely profited while the companies they controlled failed is not about whether we believe in Capitalism ...
60. Prosecutorial Discretion
... these lawyers, putting a stop to the largest frauds which threatened our financial system was not as important as securing (or returning to) their own lucrative law firm partnership.  Obtaining a hedge ...
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