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Morrison Foerster has worked so hard in recent years to burst through the glass barricades and onto the pages of BankruptcyMisconduct.com Well, looks like you made it

This MoFo is going to eat his heart out for the Supper Bowl

Way to Go - Kansas City Chiefs

Morrison & Foerster's chief Larren Nasheslksy transforms Martin Luther King's Day into his own

Happy Martin Luther King Day from MoFo's #FakeDiversity master, Larren Nashelsky

Morrison & Foerster's chief Larren Nasheslksy is proud how the firm gets the most out of their #WomenInLaw

Why do MoFo's Equity Partners tolerate recklessness of Larren Nashelsky wrt hire of WifeBeater Judge Peck

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Initially these MoFo wanna bees trolled our pages for dirt on other #BigLaw players like Jones Day.  They read up on the details of Judge James Peck the #Wifebeater well before the controversy of the ill-advised hiring decision started to bloom like a fetid mushroom.  Point is, we have no sorrow for this money grubbing dirtbag of firm.  It seems Larren is making Stephen Brogan a role model of sorts, and like any eccentric artist is honing the quarks on a #DemiseWish of his own.

Morrison Foerster figures out- Bad Idea to hire WifeBeater Judge James Peck

Judge James Peck, everybody's favorite #WifeBeating #RainMaker, is the glacier of ice cold content that will have us streaming about #MorrisonFoerster's hypocrisy & misogyny From Here To Eternity cause the cause is just Too Legit To Quit!

No Game, No Shame. The MommyTrack & WifeBeating BigLaw firm of Morrison Foerster faces up to their institutional misogyny