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41. Dewey LePerp
... counsel in light of the conflict of interest rules which have the effect of prohibiting all lawyers within a firm from representing more than one client in the same related criminal matter. Please do ...
42. Greatest Conflict Yet
...  We believe that there was a cover-up of criminal activity in the General American Mutual client raping. We believe that the "Accounting Something" is related to hush money being prepared for John M. ...
43. ex post Dewey
... of law in America today is not to be beautified. BankruptcyMisconduct has shown that each of the three legs supporting the Dewey LeBoeuf stool are failed or failing. Clients won't materialize, their ...
44. Seeking Viability
... deserves their support to continue as a going concern: Banks, Partners, & Clients. Because if any of these three fail to gamble their money on Dewey's hopes, then the firm's implosion will be a foregone ...
45. Hennigan Bennett & Dorman
... the firm's own writings to their clients evidenced their blatant disregard for the California rules for avoiding Conflict Of Interest, and mandatory written informed consent and waiver thereto. In their ...
46. Dewey LeBoeuf: Viability
... of the risks, competing personnel interests, and professional repercussions to the affected lawyers involved, as well as to their current and prospective clients. However, our awareness and understanding ...
47. Bingham McCutchen: Viability
... which to the detriment of any potential merger, are "sticky". Stigma associated with one firm generally transfers to its merger partner in the minds of potential clients, insurers, self-regulatory entities ...
48. Bruce Bennett
... greed.  It's just that there Come's a Time when your history of cheating catches up with you. So it's not just the law firm that employs you that is at risk. Every client of Bruce Bennett places themselves ...
49. Judge Bransten begs
... Kasowitz et al. were engaged in conduct which had the affect of gouging client billings. It was after Berry became a whistleblower, sending communications internally through the proper channels, that ...
50. MF Global - Overview
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... clients Experienced liars, crooks, and lawyers come up with all sorts of different ways to spew fecal matter out of their mouths. Take for example the "polite" description of a bankruptcy lawyer "failing ...
51. Kasowitz Fee Padding
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... real story of the Kasowitz Berry lawsuit is the exposure of methods employed by the minions of Marc Kasowitz to unethically, and very likely unlawfully, inflate the bills to their clients. In addition ...
52. Kasowitz Benson
... Piesco: Non vedo, non sento, non parlo If only Kasowitz had taken the "bold" stance of denying the alleged policy and procedures intended to inflate client billings, or even just the communications ...
53. Profiles In Dishonesty
DUANE MORRIS' Aron Oliner finally gets what BankruptcyMisconduct has long been saying about the law and conflict of interest.O'Melveny & Myers is known to viewers of The Sopranos from having been mentioned ...
54. To Rat, or Not To Rat
... brags about how they help convince their client Frank Bergonzi to cut a deal and snitch on his cohorts in crime in this excerpt from their own 2003 - 2004 report: Mail Fraud & Wire Fraud are some serious ...
55. WaMu WaMu
... clients of certain law firms start profiting as they traffic in this neo-fiscal tragedy. Mork would ask outrageous questions like: Wouldn't the nations most powerful bankruptcy firm set their prime objective ...
56. Washington Mutual
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... who just don't get the real world. One day WaMu is doing about the same as other big U.S. banks... the next day stockholders are screwed and the hedge fund clients of certain law firms start profiting ...
57. Bankruptcy Pimp Disbarred
... association with organized crime as Client #9 surfaced. Hey Eliot, you wimpy Putz, get ready for some videos that will define your true legacy... Eliot Spitzer is known in the public mind for a legacy ...
58. Sleaze Tracker: Dewey LeBoeuf Swallows Demon Seed
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... and many millions more in resulting client losses, were not enough to get people talking and the Office of the U.S. Trustee scrambling to cover their own asses... We still have the unaddressed criminal ...
59. Honest Services Fraud
... when a corrupt SEC enforcement chief protects her husband's law firm's associations with hedge fund clients engaged in illegal activies. When any government official engages in honest services fraud and ...
60. Donna Sturman
... We don't know if we've ever seen a lawyer stand so boldy against what he believes to be corruption of the bankruptcy system as we see David H. Relkin do in defense of his client Donna Sturman. We just ...
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