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1. CABAURHBD Chart 1
(Download:HBD, Oaktree Capital, & Aureal)
... trader which purchased a claim from Center Capital Corp., and the California law firm Hennigan, Bennett, & Dorman ("HBD"). This law firm simultaneously represented as debtor's counsel the public company ...
... you can download free tells the story well: The reorganization of SONICblue, Inc. has been tragically marred by the misdeeds of professionals. Debtors counsel settled claims against it for nearly $10 ...
3. CABAURHBD Chart 2
(Download:HBD, Oaktree Capital, & Aureal)
... purchased the majority of the claims in amount and number in the bankruptcy of the public company Aureal, Inc. The California law firm Hennigan, Bennett, & Dorman was retained as the official debtor's ...
4. CA Bar Complaint
(Download:HBD, Oaktree Capital, & Aureal)
... their conduct as official counsel to the Debtor In Possession during the Aureal, Inc. bankruptcy proceedings in the Northern District of California case number 00-42104 (T). This complaint points out ...
... their conduct before the Federal Bankruptcy Court in representing as debtor's counsel the public company Aureal, Inc. It was eventually determined that HBD simultaneously represented the debtor, its secured ...
6. CA Bar **Revised** Complaint
(Download:HBD, Oaktree Capital, & Aureal)
... as counsel to the Debtor In Possession Aureal, Inc. vis a vis a number of HBD's simultaneous clients which were adverse to Aureal including hedge fund Oaktree Capital et al., Argo Partners, and PriceWaterhouseCoopers. ...
7. Motion alleging crimes favoring Mitt Romney
(Download:Haas RICO smackdown vs. Mitt Romney, Bain Capital, Traub)
...  Debtor's bank account or in a trust bank account, 4) conspiracy to deprive a pro se business owner of a voice by speciously ordering any appeals filing to first be approved by the lower court, 5) th ...
9. Debevoise & Plimpton
Bold and Brazenly going where no Prudent Man hath gone before... Oh no you didn't! You hired a fabulously Crooked Lawyer who caused his buddy Bruce Bennett's firm to implode, bringing a clould of ...
10. Mary Carter
How MIght Mary Carter Free A Remorseful Lawyer from a Lingering Cloud?   Mary, Mary, quite contrarian How does your practice grow ? With stinky smells and conflicted spells And fleeing lifeboats all ...
11. DocFabrication
(Frontpage Content/Frontpage)
Document Fabrication: "Outside The Box" tool of Lawyers recruited by Jones Day If you want to climb in the PPEP Rankings, you must embrace certain people with a background in Fake Evidence or ...
12. Liquidity Solutions
13. Schuette Fears Giants
... even representing a Debtor like Detroit when there is a conflict of interest. So Mr. Schuette, you make a fool out of yourself chasing $200 crooks when there are huge organized crime players that scam ...
14. Judicial Malfeasance
... bar regulations, and the incredibly high hurdles that exist for the willful allowance of any sort of misconduct, as well as the burden upon the Debtor to address all of the issues.  Long story short, ...
15. Anne M. McCormick
16. Fake Chance
... and is merely feeding off of the estate like Debtor's counsel. $20 says that the committee members will find that their counsel spends their time and energy explaining to the members "why they need to ...
17. Detroit In Play
(Frontpage Content/Frontpage)
... light of day. You see Virginia, the bankruptcy courts are not merely used to shield crimes by Debtors and their management, our corrupted courts also shield crimes by certain connected creditors. Bill ...
18. Silicon Graphics
19. ONDOVA - Withdrawal
20. JP Morgan vs. Dewey
... all lawyer / creditors / co-debtors of the former Dewey LeBoeuf to "allow" the private placement action to be ultimately ruled a fraudulent conveyance, or explicit criminal act. J.P. Morgan and it shareholders ...
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