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Judicial Complaint against Judge Paul G. Hyman by Mary Alice Gwynn
Details for Judicial Complaint against Judge Paul G. Hyman by Mary Alice Gwynn
NameJudicial Complaint against Judge Paul G. Hyman by Mary Alice Gwynn

This is the Judicial Complaint against Judge Paul G. Hyman as prepared by Mary Alice Gwynn, Esquire. Ms. Gwynn had been retained by Eleanor M. Cole in order to assist her in executing her civil judgment against a convicted felon by the name of James F. Walker. As is often seen with certain organized crime families having relations that extend into the bankruptcy bar, the federal bankruptcy courts were used by Walker to protect his ill gotten gains. For reasons not yet fully divulged, Judge Hyman went out of his way to protect all lawyers aligned with the protection of felon Walker. Judge Hyman would sign orders prepared by the felon's lawyer, which included facts and ruling never made by Hyman. These orders were intended to cause harm to Ms. Gwynn in apparent retaliation for her bringing to the Court's attention conflict of interest violations by lawyers associated with felon Walker.

Judge Hyman employed an indefensible double standard regarding mandatory conflict disclosures in the bankruptcy cases of felon James F. Walker and in Baron's Stores. Hyman refused to act as required by the Judicial Cannons, ethics rules, and 18 U.S.C. 3057, to the disclosure violations of the law firm Ferrel Schultz and the lawyer Gary J. Rotella.

This document ( JudgePaulG.Hyman-Walker-gwynn-complaint.pdf ) is supplemented by the exhibits which are also available at no charge from the downloadable documents section devoted to Paul Hyman.

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