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A Fraud Expert Declares Baron's Filed Plan as
Details for A Fraud Expert Declares Baron's Filed Plan as "Falsified"
NameA Fraud Expert Declares Baron's Filed Plan as "Falsified"
DescriptionCan someone say "Smokin' Gun"?  You need not take anyone's word but the experts'.  And suddenly the picture is becoming clearer.  Not only do we now have proof of the owners' longstanding allegations that they never agreed to the filed plan and never signed it, the disclosure failure crimes are compounded by this fabrication.  By the way, fabricating a document which might be used in a legal proceeding is one crime, just one count.  Actually filing the false document is another crime. 
  Read the experts clear and understandable opinion.  Then download the documents from bankruptcyMisconduct.com and you can verify it for yourself.
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