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Dewey LeBoeuf rapes Insurance Company to Benefit Richer Clients
Details for Dewey LeBoeuf rapes Insurance Company to Benefit Richer Clients
NameDewey LeBoeuf rapes Insurance Company to Benefit Richer Clients

How often do you see a BigLaw firm getting sued for contributing to the collapse of an insurance company?  Make that $3 Billion dollars.  Sued by some established and respected law firms whose filing is filled with a scorching characterization of Dewey LeBoeuf's modus operandus:

conflicts, negligence, and self dealing which permeated its representation
John M. Huff vs. Dewey & LeBoeuf et al. Missouri Circuit Court, Nineteenth Judicial Circuit, Cole County, Case No: 09AC-CC00278 filed on May 26 2009 by Armstrong Teasdale LLP of St. Louis and Shaffer Lombardo Shurin of Kansas City.

We don't even care how this particular lawsuit gets resolved.  Corruption, or even just the practical realities of advocacy, could force the Liquidator to accept a few dollars from Dewey's malpractice insurance company - when what the Nation really needs is a Federal Special Prosecutor to put the Neo-Mafia Bankruptcy Rings out of business.  

Fact is, the law firms signing this filing would have faced serious repercussions if the filing was based upon falsehoods. There is too much here for the judge hearing the case to ignore his obligation for criminal and ethical referral.

We believe that a special place in heaven exists for those who forgo the easy profits of complacency and collaboration which dissuade many lawyers from representing clients brave enough to battle corrupt law firms.  Kudos to the honorable officers of the court who "Show Us" that among some private practice lawyers: Duty Trumps Comfort.

Read about our prognosis for Dewey LeBoeuf here.   And hey, don't just take the opinion of BankruptcyMisconduct about these alleged Demon Swallowers when you can freely download Dewey_LeBoeuf-Accused_of_Conflict_of_Interest_Negligence_3Billion_Suit.pdf and read it for yourself.

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