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21. Christmas Show 2022
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... in the court house Every trustee was hiding, the crimes of a louse The fee apps were strung by false filings of fraud Now see how the criminals dupe the old broad Their Clients were hidden a wink ...
22. Judicial Malfeasance
... Nope. The truth is that every Federal Bankruptcy Judge, as well as every Trustee, must deliver a written referral to an appropriate District Attorney for each and every instance of a suspected crime. 18USC3057 ...
23. Anne M. McCormick
... General Counsel Executive Office United States Trustee’s Department of Justice 441 G Street, N.W., Suite 6150 Washington, D.C. 20530 Dear Associate General Counsel Anne M. McCormick: This fax is in ...
24. Fake Chance
... licenses on the line for anything in writting, it must be true and justifiable advise) explaining specific points of their choosing: Why hasn't Counsel filed a complaint to the U.S. Trustee's boss ...
25. Judge, Hide More
... a few years later, it seems the U.S. Trustee's office can't take it any longer.  Perhaps an explicit quid pro quo could not be renegotiated, or an implicit career jockeying quid pro quo has proven untenable ...
26. ONDOVA - Withdrawal
... Declaration of Eli Pearlman was presented, the United States Trustee believed there was evidence to support the allegations. Counsel filed motions to compel, a Show Cause and other motions to obtain the ...
ONDOVA - Table Of Contents BankruptcyMisconduct seems to have found a new Cause Célèbre and its name is ONDOVA LIMITED COMPANY. It may very well be the eToys o' Texas.  This page is a table of contents ...
28. Menendez CNN Lies
... corruption in the portion of the DOJ that held lawyers seeking jobs in the private sector? All of those government lawyers making barely over $100K per year in the office of the U.S. Trustee - not so ...
29. JP Morgan vs. Dewey
... in "claw back" actions by the trustee, will be greatly reduced if some of their former management, or competing partners, are found to have been involved in crime. Thus, there is great incentive for nearly ...
30. Innocent's Imperative
... their losses. Creditors will be much better off once a trustee is in charge of the wreckage of this firm. Books and records can be preserved, and the guilty partners can be pursued. A trustee would ...
31. Greatest Conflict Yet
... held by any trustee that seeks to marshal funds from your accounts to the estate. You will justly be able to argue that the parties responsible for the criminal conduct owe first. You will also be able ...
32. Entities
... necessarily corrupt. Entities involved in Bankruptcy Misconduct and Crime include the SEC and the DOJ - including sub components such as the Office of the U.S. Trustee. Obviously, law firms specializing ...
33. MF Global - Overview
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Just in case you haven't formed an opinion yet, Jon Corzine is a dirty crook and the only reason he won't spend many years time in jail is if an incompetent or corrupt (so hard to decide) prosecutor, ...
34. Revolving Door Feds
... senior management at the DOJ and SEC are effective in protecting their peeps. Go ahead, look up the public information on how much an SEC lawyer, or a lawyer at the office of the U.S. Trustee, gets paid.  ...
35. Profiles In Dishonesty
... surprise of the PCC and the United States Trustee, that same day O’Melveny also filed the Supplemental Disclosures as an attachment to its Notice of Hearing on Fifth and Final Application for Compensation ...
36. WaMu WaMu
... protect lawyers who commit fraud upon the court. BankruptcyMisconduct is seeing a lot of interest in this bankruptcy case, as well as U.S. Trustee Roberta DeAngelis and the crazy judge. Perhaps a Federal ...
37. Sleaze Tracker: Dewey LeBoeuf Swallows Demon Seed
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... and many millions more in resulting client losses, were not enough to get people talking and the Office of the U.S. Trustee scrambling to cover their own asses... We still have the unaddressed criminal ...
38. Roberta DeAngelis "in play"
...  Besides, you are too handsome for prison... Re: Bad Faith Criminal cover up of Organized Crime by Roberta DeAngelis and Mark Kenney of the US Trustee Program From: Laser Haas <laser.haas@yahoo.com> ...
39. Roberta DeAngelis U.S. Trustee "in play"
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We're glad we aren't Roberta A. DeAngelis because she's just about to be put "in play" where she'll have to make one of those Suzzanne Uhland decisions.  Unfortunately for DeAngelis, the whistle-blower ...
40. Prosecutorial Discretion
... conduct:  such conduct must be reported at a minimum to the state bar.  Even more serious is the obligation on reporting conduct which is merely suspected as being criminal.  A bankruptcy judge, or a trustee ...
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