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Big Pharma Heading for 11

Ladies, Gentlemen and X ... you read it here first on BankruptcyMisconduct.com

first published 11/10/2021   edited 11/11/2021

The coming Bankruptcy of Big Pharma

To be sure, we've have a series of very bold predictions here on these pages over the years, most having already come to fruition. But this one really takes the cake, so to speak. How could one of the largest economic-industrial sectors with unrivaled interweaved influence/control of both Deepstate and "elected" government officials ever come to suffer consequence of their misdeeds?

How about Big Pharma's active role in more deaths EVERY year since at least 1950 than COVID in the last 2 years?

Riddle me this: How much money is made each year on statins? How much money is made each year on diabetes meds?

Here's a hint for you:
No jury is going to let Big Pharma hide behind the ego of Ancel Keys.

First, let's take a step back.  BankruptcyMisconduct didn't discover the string of great frauds of fake-science bought and paid for by illicit organized industry members, and blessed by revolving door charlatans masquerading as public servants. But the truth is just beginning to "hit the fan", indeed.  Thankfully there are a growing number of heroes that have stood up and called the emperor naked, and doing so at great professional (and personal?) risk.  Truth has this nagging thing, how it doesn't go away.  How was it that the Scarsdale Diet proved itself sooo effective sooo many years ago?  What kind of #CoinkyDoink is it that modern disease of the industrialized era: Heart Disease, Diabetes & Obesity - all coincided and correlated with the roll out of refined fake fat (manufactured with gasoline) seed oils?  Oh, you've been told by advertising that it's "Vegetable Oil".  You know, just like heroin and cocaine are "vegetable powder".

To be sure, the "secret" is already out and becoming more widely known.  The Frauds are unraveling. We're merely the first to point out the inevitable 300 pound gorilla in the room.  A series of US style liability lawsuits will build into a deluge, and we'll have some Mega Cases like we've never seen before.  Though here's one for the really young minds out there.  Look up Dalkon Shield, Silicone Breast Implants / Dow Corning, Asbestos.  Those product liability Mega-Case Windfalls for our Nation's Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Industrialists seem but a pimple upon Big Pharma's massive elephant ass of indisputable liability in leading causes of death annually in the USA.

How many of your loved ones where murdered for profit by Drug Dealers who shared both complicit and explicit culpability in the frauds promoting fake refinery fats, sugar, and processed refined carbs (a/k/a sugars) whilst denigrating saturated (i.e. non-volative) fats?  Because even if they "didn't know", they made Trillions selling bad drugs which didn't cure, but caused more harm.

We'll concede that Big-Pharma will represent a formidable adversary to justice, given their faculty at manipulating the confluence of government, regulation, legislation, so-called "Science", the Media, Academia, Health Care and even Health Insurance. But isn't that just the Goliath which a jury was designed to defeat?

OK, perhaps we have a responsibility to state our opinion as to the certainty of Big Pharma's Demise.  Let's consider some perspective. While we believe that there is a genuine chance that modern Hedge Funds are destroyed by an empowered Socialist swing by our increasingly bizarre government, we concede that such probability, even in today's bizarre Big-Gov climate, is less than 50%.  This prediction weighs our opinion that facts are readily available to demonstrate RICO predicates via a series of false written instruments (Bankruptcy Court and SEC & other government filings) that could subject more than half of hedge funds to complete foreiture of their funds, balanced against the sad truth that our "legal system" is a corrupt revolving door farce.  But it could still happen: if you can be jailed for opposing a school board, if you can be forced to take a needle in the arm whilst enough fentanyl is at hand to silence every citizen (illegal aliens don't need to take vaccines, but we digress), if your child is forced to wear a mask under threat of law  while 'elected' officials are free to roam & vacation as they desire - then anything can happen.  So as it stands now, hedge funds are more likely to survive than not.  Ask us at the end of 2022 if that opinion still holds.

OK, so let's move on to consider Big Pharma and it's role in at least two of the greatest COD's every year for decade upon decade.  (Yes, you just read that - If your head is not spinning, maybe you need to read it again.) It's a form of a Holocaust, but for huge money, killing millions upon millions every year. It's not BankruptcyMisconduct making up medical facts and exposing frauds, it's a growing number of real Doctors who are doing so.  But now the truth is making its way in front of the public.  And once countless children learn who killed their parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters & friends, all the while engorging upon illicit riches, a ferociously angry mob will build.  And it's going to make the French Revolution look like just another staged dispute resolution by the American Arbitration Association.

As corrupt as our legal system is, the business model of lawyers is essentially sacrosanct.  If many billions have been made on questionable, if not outright fake, Science and even worse facts - How can we believe the revealing truth of sugar, seed oil, and fraudulent 'Science' of saturated fats and Diabetes/Heart Disease medication hoaxes will escape their tribunal of penance?

Please remind yourselves of BankruptcyMisconduct's consistent approach - to transcend trepidation - as a self-imposed prerequisite to participation in our quirky form of enfant terrible ranting. Behold as we dare suggest a conjecture for your amusement:

Covid Is Produced
Death, Loss of Freedom Distracts
Pharma's Hail Mary

Oh, lest we forget. Prediction?  The envelope please! How likely is the legal-financial doomsday for Big Pharma?  Greater than 50/50 for sure.

But be concerned all who love freedom, opportunity, family and friends.  This paradoxical absurdity of our Health-Gov-Industrial Complex's 'inverse annuity' Prescripto-Death Periodic Revenue Paradigm is either dismantled as part of a cathartic death-star implosion beyond comparison in Western history, or they will conspire with other evil partners - multiply their powers - to usher in a Totalitarian Regime with the capability to wipe out all our freedoms. Such freedom being an essential element to enable We The People to seek truth, punishment and retribution. Brave Doctors being another, and the third element being duly incentivised unconflicted Lawyers. Yes, we said it! If they can bankrupt scores upon scores of companies with junk science and fraudulent medical opinions, imagine what they can do with truth, reality, and millions upon millions of deaths decade after decade, caused in no small part by drug pushers inundated with easy money as they squelched Nutrition Truth and sustained Junk Gov Nutrition Science.

So either we have a series of Mega-Case bankruptcies of Big-Pharma, perhaps with a sprinkling of RICO forfeitures and incarcerations enveloping fake-Science prostituting "Associations" & Academia or it's going to be a Fundamental Transformation of America so grotesque that even Obama will blush. It scares me to think about the horror of a far worse world than our existing situation: "Medicine" companies killing us for Trillions extracted via our Pseudo-Capitalism thriving amidst this creeping Socialism. But what else are the greedy drug pushing scum going to do when they see their vast fortunes at risk?  For them, it would be just another deal with just another devil. It's not like their wild confidence in their web of deceptions to harness absurdities to kill us for profit has ever been proven wrong yet.  So join the bandwagon to deep six Big Pharma, or do nothing and get ready for a flavor of Socialism enhanced by woke Racism that may surpass the 1930s & 40s in its horrors.

Of course, Public Schools most likely never taught you about Yi Zi Er Shi as a stepping stone of the social justice movement begun by Mao Tse-Tung forward towards Xi Jinping of today. Just remember that Socialism is what Socialism does.