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61. Honest Services Fraud
... when a corrupt SEC enforcement chief protects her husband's law firm's associations with hedge fund clients engaged in illegal activies. When any government official engages in honest services fraud and ...
62. Andrew Cuomo
... price, and New York prosecutors have always been willing to keep their blinders on. Sometimes the criminals that Cuomo has protected were clients of bankruptcy lawyers such as hedge funds, bankruptcy ...
63. Kelly's Smelly WebSci
... have Chief Judge Rosemary Gambardella who failed to recuse herself in order to maintain a platform to punish a Whistleblower to bankruptcy misconduct / fraud upon the Court. We have Judge Ronald J. Hedges ...
64. Jeff Adams
... against other corrupt lawfirms and hedge funds in order to secure a deal with the District Attorney. Unlike Suzzanne Uhland of O'Melveny & Myers and her Get-Out-Of-Jail card with respect to the mushrooming ...
65. SONICblue
The reorganization of SONICblue, Inc. has been tragically marred by the misdeeds of professionals - Judge Marilyn Morgan  SONICblue: Criminal Conspiracy - Deceit - Fraud Upon the Court - By Estate ...
66. Federal Dissent
... of lawyers. ______________________ Bankruptcy is Big Business The Bankruptcy Investment specialty has become “big business” and has attracted a wide variety of players including many hedge ...
67. Issues
... at hiding their crimes. These criminal organizations take different names, like "Italian Americans", "NYC Seaford Markets" & "Hedge Funds". Nevertheless, astute readers of this humble site (We're ...
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